A survey of individual life consciousness conducted by the Bank of Japan from August to September found that more people said their spending was lower than it was a year ago.

During the survey period, due to the spread of mutant virus infections, it seems that the movement to refrain from consumption-related activities such as going out led to the reduction of spending.

The Bank of Japan is conducting a questionnaire survey of people aged 20 and over nationwide in order to explore individual lifestyle consciousness, and this time from August 6 to September 1, 2,200 people in about one month. I got an answer from the remainder.

According to this, 24.7% of respondents answered that their spending was "decreased" compared to a year ago, an increase of 1.3 points from the previous survey in June.

Regarding this, the Bank of Japan said, "During this survey period, due to the spread of mutant virus infection and the declaration of an emergency, it is possible that behaviors involving consumption such as going out have decreased."

On the other hand, regarding the outlook one year from now, those who answered that they would increase spending increased by 1.2 points from the previous survey.

Regarding this, the Bank of Japan says, "Some people think that the willingness to consume will increase due to the expectation that vaccination will progress and the spread of infection will subside by next year."