China News Service, Taiyuan, October 10 (Reporter Li Xinsuo) Rain and rain, Shanxi has been soaked by rain recently.

Coal, coal and coal, Shanxi coal guarantees the country's supply and bears heavy pressure.

On October 9th, the Shanxi Provincial Government held an on-site promotion meeting for the guarantee of supply of provincial coal and power companies at Xishan Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. to increase the promotion of coal supply.

  In the meantime, the heads of Shanxi Coking Coal Group, Jinneng Holdings, Huayang New Materials, Lu'an Chemical and other enterprises were all present.

  Regarding the guarantee of supply, Wang Yixin, deputy governor of Shanxi Province, stated that “now is the critical moment for state-owned enterprises to play the role of "ballast stone" in ensuring energy security." If conditions are not met, the task of ensuring the supply of coal and electricity is completed without compromise.

  However, on the same day, the Shanxi Meteorological Service Center issued a document stating that it is expected that there will be a precipitation, strong wind and cooling weather in Shanxi in the next three days, and the pressure on Shanxi's coal supply will increase again.

  During the National Day holiday that just passed, Shanxi, the coal province, was rainy, and the precipitation in 18 counties (cities, districts) exceeded 200 mm.

This has increased the pressure on the "Shanxi Coal Supply Guarantee Contract for the Fourth Quarter of the Fourteen Provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities)" signed at the end of last month.

  At the same time, with power shortages in many parts of China and the north coming into the heating season, the topic of ensuring energy supply in Shanxi has once again rushed into hot searches.

  Since September, China's Liaoning, Jilin, Guangdong and other places have experienced power supply shortages. Some regions have adopted measures such as orderly use of electricity and power cuts.

  Under the power shortage, on September 29, Shanxi signed a medium- and long-term coal supply contract for the fourth quarter with 14 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) including Hebei, Shandong, and Jiangsu to ensure energy supply.

  However, a continuous heavy rainfall covering the whole of Shanxi has caused Shanxi to suffer from landslides, high-speed control, railway interruption, and river bank bursts.

Information from the Emergency Management Department of Shanxi Province shows that the flood situation caused the shutdown of 60 coal mines in Shanxi.

  Some coal mines have ceased production and transportation, and 14 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in China are looking forward to "coal". What should Shanxi do?

  Luliang is a large coal-producing city in Shanxi, and Xinyan Coal Mine ("Xinyan Coal Mine") of Dongyi Group Coal Gasification Company is a newly built smart coal mine in recent years.

  Regarding the recent coal supply guarantee, Mei Jun, chief engineer of Xinyan Coal Mine, said that this year's flood season is relatively postponed and continuous rainfall will have a direct impact on coal production and transportation in Shanxi. The current pressure to guarantee supply is relatively high, but it is generally controllable.

  At present, the coal mine where Mei Jun is located has not yet been included in the scope of supply guarantee, but the company is also producing at full capacity.

  Under pressure, Shanxi stepped up efforts to ensure coal supply.

  On the 8th, Jinneng Holding Group held a meeting to increase the promotion of coal supply.

This energy company, which ranks third in the world, is connected to the coal supply of 6 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) including Guangxi and Jiangsu.

  Jinneng Holding Group Chairman Guo Jingang asked its coal industry group to "inform the six provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of supply guarantees at the daily morning meeting, establish a special ledger, and strengthen special coordination, regardless of cost or price."

  On the same day, the Shanxi Provincial Energy Bureau set up the "Energy Guarantee Special Class" to "coordinate major issues related to energy guarantee work between superiors and relevant departments of the provincial government", supervise and inspect the completion of tasks, and coordinate and solve energy guarantee difficulties. .

  On the 9th, the Standing Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee held a meeting to focus on "Energy Guarantee Work".

The meeting believed that this winter and next spring, the pressure on the supply and demand of electricity and coal is still high. Shanxi “must do a good job in the continuation of coal mine production capacity in accordance with laws and regulations under the premise of ensuring safety, speed up the release of advanced coal production capacity, and coordinate the supply of electricity in the province and abroad. The coal supply and external power supply are guaranteed, and the task of ensuring energy supply must be fulfilled resolutely."

  Forecasts from the Shanxi Meteorological Service Center show that from day to night today, the central part of the northwestern part of Shanxi will be cloudy on sunny days, and cloudy in the south, with light rain or showers in some areas, and the temperature continues to drop, and coal demand is escalating again.