China News Service, Lingwu, October 8th, title: Exploring the "Hometown of Long Dates in Lingwu, China": the power of a long date

  China News Service reporter Yu Jing

  The golden autumn season is the time when Lingwu Changzao is on the market.

On October 7, reporters from visited Lingwu City, the "Hometown of Chinese Long Dates" in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Walking through the fields in Dongta Town, I saw heavy and bent branches of long jujubes. On both sides of the road, farmers and merchants were busy sorting and packing in the purchase and sale points of Lingwu long jujube.

  Lingwu long jujube has a history of 1300 years of cultivation. Since the Tang Dynasty, Lingwu long red jujube has been listed as a royal tribute and is known as the "treasure of fruit".

In 2006, Lingwu City was named "Lingwu Long Date Hometown in China" by the State Forestry Administration.

  Lingwu long red jujube, also known as Ma Ya jujube, is a unique jujube variety in Ningxia. It is mainly produced in the horticulture, Xinyuan, Orchard, Dongta and other villages of Dongta Town, Lingwu.

  At present, the Lingwu long jujube base covers an area of ​​68,000 mu, accounting for 66% of the city's economic forest area, driving more than 8,000 local jujube farmers to increase their income and become rich.

Lingwu Changzao has developed into a major advantage industry in Lingwu City, and it is also one of the leading industries to promote farmers' income.

  From September to October every year, date merchants from all over the country gather here to transport Lingwu long dates to markets across the country, and even export them abroad.

  "Foreign merchants need to book long dates with the date farmers in advance before the dates are ripe, otherwise they will not be able to buy them." The relevant person in charge of Dongta Town told a reporter from that in addition to traditional offline sales, local date farmers are also actively exploring Internet sales channels.

At present, Lingwu City has an annual output of nearly 20 million kilograms of long dates, with an output value exceeding 100 million yuan (RMB, the same below).

  In Guoyuan Village, Dongta Town, there are long jujube trees that are more than a dozen meters high and are over a hundred years old.

According to statistics from Lingwu Forestry Department, there are more than 17,000 long red jujube trees in Lingwu over a hundred years old.

  Long jujube is a symbol of happiness and good fortune in the minds of Lingwu people, so long jujube is an indispensable food and delicacy in festivals and wedding celebrations.

In addition to being eaten fresh, long jujubes can also be processed into long jujube vinegar, long jujube wine, and dried long jujube.

  The relevant person in charge of the Lingwu Mayor Jujube Association told the reporter that last year Lingwu Long Jujube was sold to Thailand, and after obtaining the ticket to enter the international market, Lingwu Long Jujube has entered Europe, America, Asia and other international markets one after another, and received high-quality feedback. .

  On the same day, the reporter came to the house of Zhang Caixia, a villager in Gardening Village. The house was clean and tidy, with well-equipped facilities, bright and clean windows. Sitting on the sofa in the living room, facing the plates of snacks, jujubes, grapes and other snacks on the coffee table, she was full of happiness.

  Zhang Caixia told a reporter from that there are about 1,000 jujube trees planted at home, and long jujubes can sell for 70 to 80 thousand yuan each year.

  According to Zhang Caixia, a few years ago, the family mainly used her husband to go out to work. After a year, the total income was only 20,000 yuan. At that time, the whole family lived in an adobe house.

Since I planted long dates, my family bought a building and a car.

  Speaking of changes, she was very moved. There were no buildings, roads, and electricity.

At that time, let alone seven to eighty thousand yuan, a few thousand yuan is astronomical to us.

But now, because of the long dates, everything is fine.

  In Zhang Caixia's view, such happiness is brought about by long dates.

  It is worth mentioning that while improving the quality, the scientific research department of Lingwu City has undergone technological innovations such as uniaxial extension, double membrane mulching, and bio-straw landfilling, so that the Lingwu long jujube, which was only listed in the late autumn, has now achieved a It is edible in all seasons, and the benefit of growing dates per kilogram in greenhouses is 10 times that of growing dates in open fields.

In addition, Lingwu City will also combine the planting of long jujube with the rural tourism industry to enhance the added value of the long jujube industry.

  When visiting along the way, the reporter saw that some small restaurants and farmhouses with signs hanging on the roadside can be seen from time to time. The locals are picking long dates to start supporting tourism business.

  Using long jujube as a matchmaker, Lingwu City fully explored the jujube culture and launched the Lingwu long jujube brand.

From simply selling dates and eating dates to promoting the long-zao culture to the whole country, the long-zao cultural tour is transforming from the uneven "tourism of scenic spots" to the "global tourism" of making a fist.