China News Agency, Beijing, October 8 (Reporter Liu Liang) The reporter learned from the General Administration of Customs of China that the China-Chile customs AEO mutual recognition arrangement will be implemented on October 8. This is China’s first formal implementation of customs AEO mutual recognition in South America. Recognition arrangements.

  AEO is the abbreviation of Authorized Economic Operator, that is, "certified operator". It is advocated by the World Customs Organization. Through the customs, enterprises with high credit status, law-abiding level and level are certified, and the certified enterprises are given preferential customs clearance convenience. Of a system.

After the implementation of the mutual recognition arrangement, the AEO companies of the two countries will enjoy the convenience of reducing document review and cargo inspection rates, speeding up customs clearance, implementing priority inspections, and establishing liaisons to communicate and solve problems encountered by enterprises in customs clearance. measure.

The time for customs clearance of the two companies' goods is expected to be significantly reduced, and trade costs such as ports, insurance, and logistics will also be reduced accordingly.

  Chile is China's second largest trading partner in South America, and China-Chile trade has maintained a good momentum of substantial growth.

According to customs statistics, from January to August 2021, CIIC’s total import and export value was US$42.19 billion, a year-on-year increase of 50.1%.

Among them, exports were 16.317 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 80.4%; imports were 25.873 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 35.7%.

During the same period, a total of 883 Chinese AEO companies had export business to Chile, with an export value of US$3.087 billion, accounting for approximately 18.92% of China's total export to Chile.

  In order to fully enjoy the convenience of mutual recognition arrangements for customs clearance, CIIC AEO companies need to accurately fill in the AEO code during the customs clearance process.

Advanced Chinese customs certified companies that have import and export trade with Chile need to inform the Chilean importer or exporter of the AEO code, and they will fill in the declaration in accordance with Chilean customs regulations. Chilean customs will provide relevant conveniences after confirming the identity of the Chinese customs AEO enterprise measure.

  When Chinese companies import goods from Chilean AEO companies, they need to separately enter the "Overseas Shipper Code" column in the "Overseas Shipper" column of the import declaration form and the "Shipper AEO Code" in the water and air freight manifests. Fill in the AEO code of the Chilean shipper in one column.

When companies export goods to Chilean AEO companies, they need to separately specify the "Overseas Consignee Code" column in the "Overseas Consignee" column of the export declaration form and the "Consignee AEO Code" in the water and air freight manifest. Fill in the column with the AEO code of the Chilean consignee.

After confirming the identity of the Chilean AEO company, the Chinese Customs will provide relevant facilitation measures.

  The General Administration of Customs revealed that the next step will continue to advance the AEO mutual recognition cooperation process with Russia, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand and other countries in the “Belt and Road” and important trading countries such as Argentina and Mexico, creating more security for import and export enterprises. The convenient trading environment helps Chinese AEO companies enjoy customs convenience measures in more and more countries and regions, and enhance their international competitiveness.