China News Service, Beijing, October 7 (Reporter Du Yan) During the National Day holiday of 2021, the continuous autumn rain will not reduce the popularity of the people's consumption. Department stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, catering and e-commerce companies monitored by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce have realized the realization Sales of 6.3 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), a year-on-year increase of 7.6%, an increase of 20.5% compared to 2019, an average growth rate of 9.8% in two years; a 7-day passenger flow of 52 key business districts in Beijing, an increase of 3.6% year-on-year .

This was introduced by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce on the 7th.

  During the National Day holiday, commercial departments at all levels in Beijing strengthened production safety and epidemic prevention inspections to ensure sufficient supplies of daily necessities and stable prices.

As the first city in China to develop the cultivation and construction of an international consumption center city, Beijing uses holiday consumption opportunities to encourage traditional enterprises to promote consumption, strengthen online retail, and promote the development of first stores and flagship stores through a series of activities such as the "Beijing Consumption Season".

  During the festival, 40 key activities were launched during the Beijing consumption season, and key enterprises carried out more than 230 special activities.

Passenger traffic in the Financial Street Commercial District, Dongzhimen Commercial District, and Shuangjing Commercial District increased by more than 30% year-on-year; two gold hypermarkets in Beijing-Caishikou Department Store Co., Ltd. and Guohua Department Store carried out holiday promotions, and sales increased by 69.9% year-on-year .

  Food is indispensable during holidays.

In Beijing, many time-honored brands have launched National Day exclusive dishes and special noodles, such as the "Yuanxun Banquet" at Quyuan Restaurant, the "First Founding Banquet" at Yuhuatai, and the "Celebrate National Day Blossoms and Prosperity" sugar art at Clayguoju. Jujia adds to the fun of the family banquet.

The data shows that the turnover of many time-honored brands has increased by more than double digits year-on-year during the holiday period.

At the same time, third-party platform catering transaction orders and transaction volume also increased by 27.4% and 29.2% year-on-year respectively.

  Where is the most fun during the National Day holiday?

Monitoring shows that the Beijing Universal Resort, which opened on September 20, has become a new landmark for holiday cultural tourism in the capital, with more than 25,000 visitors in a single day, and about 50% of tourists from other provinces, leading the most popular tourist destination on National Day.

At the same time, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism launched 10 "Universal Resort +" theme tour routes to amplify the spillover effect of Beijing Universal Resort. UnionPay big data shows that the amount of goods consumed by foreign tourists in Beijing increased by 16.3% year-on-year. Accommodation, culture and entertainment The amount of consumption of such services increased by 27.5% and 18.6% respectively year-on-year.

  This holiday, "micro vacations" are popular, among which Beijing outings and parent-child trips have become popular.

UnionPay big data shows that during the holiday season, the amount of accommodation consumption in Beijing increased by 15.8% year-on-year.

  Apart from eating, drinking and having fun, citizens also enjoy an "audiovisual feast" during the National Day holiday.

During the festival, various art theaters in Beijing meticulously prepared 209 performances and 951 theatrical performances; the patriotic film "Changjin Lake" and "My Fathers and Me" closely follow the pulse of the times and feel the feelings of family and country. Lido International Open-air Music and Film Week presents 10 classic films.

As of noon on October 7, the box office in Beijing exceeded 170 million yuan.