China News Service, Jilin Zhenlai, October 8th (Guo Jia, Pan Shengyu) In the autumn season, Zhenlai County, located in the west of Jilin Province, ushered in a bumper harvest.

The reporter recently learned from local officials that the county's grain output is expected to be 3.45 billion catties this year, an increase of about 20 million catties year-on-year.

  The reporter visited the local area and reaped the beautiful scenery.

The golden ones are corn, the red ones are sorghum, the plump ears of rice are undulating in the wind, and the paddy fields are crisscrossed and colorful.

The peasants have been sickle, and in the harvest fields, smiles are on everyone's face.

  This year, the total sown area of ​​crops in Zhenlai County is 3 million mu.

Among them, the corn area is 1.01 million mu, and the expected output is 665,000 tons; the rice area is 1.45 million mu, and the expected output is 950,000 tons.

The corn kernels are plump in Zhenlai County.

Photo by Pan Shengyu

  The favorable conditions for grain production in Zhenlai County are mainly reflected in the abundant rainfall, large land use space, strengthened technology promotion to increase grain output, and policy support to stimulate farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain.

  Up to now, the average rainfall in Zhenlai County is 427.5 mm, which effectively guarantees the growth of crops.

In the season when there is more rain and drought, the county uses special equipment for agricultural field monitoring to increase the monitoring density of air humidity and soil humidity, which has played a key role in preventing pests and diseases and improving soil moisture.

  Zhenlai County relies on colleges and research institutes to cultivate and introduce new varieties and applicable new technologies.

At present, the county has promoted protective cultivation of maize, integrated cultivation of wide and narrow rows of water and fertilizer, multi-plant cultivation in one field, deep soil loosening, resistance to low temperature, promotion of early maturity, field rodent control, and rice "three pushes, two early and one standard", wide and narrow More than 10 advanced technologies such as plant cultivation, disease, pest and weed control.

A bumper harvest of rice in Zhenlai County.

Photo by Pan Shengyu

  According to this year's climatic conditions, Zhenlai County, which has entered October, will start harvesting one after another. The autumn harvest is expected to end around October 25.

At present, local farmers are busy loading stacks and stacks, scientifically storing grain, preventing mildew from precipitation, and returning particles to warehouses.