Chinanews client, Beijing, October 6th (Reporter Wu Tao) In the long National Day holiday of 2021, minors ushered in the first "Eleventh" holiday under the New Deal for online games.

Can children still play games without restraint?

Reporters conducted an investigation.

Some minors play games for a long time

  According to announcements by major game manufacturers, during the "November" holiday this year, minors can log in to the game from 20 to 21 o'clock every night; minors are prohibited from logging in during the rest of the day.

Some well-known games strictly implement the New Deal for online games.


  Previously, the National Press and Publication Administration required all online game companies to only provide one-hour services to minors from 20 to 21:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays. The logged-in user provides game services, and so on.

  During the investigation, the reporter found that some well-known game companies performed well, and minors were not allowed to log in outside of the above-mentioned time.

However, there are currently mixed games on the market, and many children are still immersed in games during the "October" holiday.

  "How long do you play games every day?" The reporter asked a 13-year-old child.

  "Perhaps, it will take at least two or three hours."

  "Can minors log in? How do you authenticate?" the reporter asked.

  "Use my dad's ID card."

  Some children told a reporter from, “There are still some games that don’t require authentication at all. They can be played after opening them, and there will be no time limit.”

Some game platform stand-alone games do not require authentication and registration, and can be played when opened.


  The reporter also noticed that some stand-alone games do not require identity authentication at all, or even registration, not to mention distinguishing minors and restricting the length of the game.

On game platforms such as 4399, some games marked with stand-alone versions can be opened and entered.

Some games have not yet implemented the New Deal for online games

  It has been more than a month since the new policy of online games was issued. The reporter found during investigation that some game companies have not implemented the new policy for online games until the "11" holiday.

  During the experience, the reporter found that "Defense Carrot 2" can still play normally before waiting for the real-name authentication result. What's interesting is that a few days have passed and the authentication result is still waiting.

Real-name authentication for some games is a formality, and you can still log in before the authentication result comes out.


  The reporter's investigation also found that many mobile games currently support offline local storage, and the data is synchronized after networking. The boundary between stand-alone games and online games is becoming more and more blurred. Whether the New Deal for online games can limit such games remains to be further clarified by relevant departments.

  For example, some mobile games can be played in offline mode, but at the same time they have shopping malls and recharge purchases that are unique to online games. These services must be connected to the Internet to complete; there are games that can choose cloud storage and local storage.

Are these games stand-alone games or online games?

Parental attitude or the key to game anti-addiction

  With the New Deal for online games, some minors still go their own way and are addicted to games. Why?

The attitude of the parents may be one of the keys.

Some children play games during the "October" holiday.

Photo by Wu Tao from China News Service

  “If you don’t let you play, you will cry and make trouble. In the end, there is no way. I will use my ID card to authenticate.” Many parents said to a reporter from Chinanews. Method?"

  Some parents said that there is no time to control at all, and the child will be quiet if you give a mobile phone. "If you don't remind, the child can sit there and play with the mobile phone until the battery is dead." But for minors to recharge games, many parents are Repeatedly shook his head in opposition.

  In the future, the regulation of games for minors may be further tightened.

Recently, the Game Working Committee of the China Music and Digital Association initiated the online game industry anti-addiction self-discipline convention, which was jointly initiated by 213 units to resolutely implement the time limit for providing online games to minors and the top-up consumption quota.

  The convention states that “all kinds of stand-alone and console games must synchronize internal defense addiction settings and parental monitoring systems, and real-name authentication must be strictly enforced during downloading and purchasing.”

  In addition, the "China Children's Development Program (2021-2030)" issued by the State Council a few days ago proposes to implement national unified online game electronic identity authentication for minors, and improve game product classification, content review, and time limit measures.

This means that in the future, it will be more difficult to exploit loopholes in identity authentication.