The inhabitants of the Basque Country are finding it more and more difficult to find accommodation.

The municipality of Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) has therefore decided to increase the housing tax on second homes by 60%.

As reported by France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine on Monday, this measure should bring in 1.8 million euros per year and allow the renovation of housing for locals.

“We realized that the city has a housing stock in schools which is today uninhabited because it is unsanitary.

And so initially, we are going to rehabilitate some of these apartments, ”explained Maïder Arosteguy, the mayor of Biarritz.

Rehabilitations which will also allow the municipality to respect, finally, the quota of social housing.

Create inequalities?

However, for the opposition, this measure risks creating inequalities between the owners of wealthy second homes and others.

Likewise, Basques who do not live in the region could be forced to sell their property for lack of funds.

In addition, some also fear that this increase will slow down purchases of second homes.

What the first city councilor replied: “When customers can afford to buy a second home on the Basque coast, 60% more for their housing tax will not discourage them from buying.


Before Biarritz, other cities, such as Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Guéthary, Bidart, Anglet, had already chosen to increase their housing tax on second homes.


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