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'Win-Win Consumption Subsidy' will be implemented for two months from next month, in which 10% of the increased amount is returned if you use more cards than the average in the second quarter.

Reporter Hoon-Kyung Jang explains how to receive the benefits.


Those over the age of 19 who have used cards in the second quarter can apply for card cashback and win-win consumption support starting next month.

If you use your card more than 3% per month on average compared to the second quarter, 10% of the excess amount will be refunded.

For example, a person who spent an average of 1 million won per month in the second quarter will receive 50,000 won if they spend 1.53 million won a month, and 100,000 won if they spend more than 2.03 million won a month.

Recognized for use are not only in alleyways such as traditional markets and local marts, but also delivery apps, corporate supermarkets, online malls related to tourism, exhibitions and performances, and cafe franchise stores.

However, large marts and department stores, duty-free shops, large electronic specialty stores, large general online malls such as Coupang, and overseas direct purchases are excluded.

However, it is also pointed out that the purpose of supporting alley commercial areas is undermined by including Starbucks and Ikea in the areas of use.

[Han Hoon/Assistant Minister of Strategy and Finance: If we limit the industry too much, our consumers may lose interest in this cashback too much and the convenience may be too low.]

Cash back for October usage is paid on November 15th, and for November use on December 15th, and the returned cashback can be used until the end of June next year without any restrictions on where to use it.

If the 700 billion won budget allocated for this project is exhausted, the project may be terminated early.