At a press conference on the 27th, the Bank of Japan's governor Kuroda said that consumption, which had been declining due to the effects of the new coronavirus, will recover from eating out and staying at the earliest this year, at the latest early next year, due to the cancellation of the state of emergency. I showed the prospect of going.

On the 27th, Governor Kuroda attended a meeting with representatives of economic organizations in Osaka online, and held a press conference after the meeting.

Among them, Governor Kuroda commented on the perception of the economy, "It depends on when the spread of infection peaks out, but if the state of emergency is lifted, personal consumption, especially face-to-face services, will recover. It is expected that the recovery will spread to eating out and staying at the earliest this year, and at the latest early next year. "

In addition, on the 28th, Governor Kuroda looked back on the fact that his tenure was the longest in history, saying, "The effect of monetary easing has led to an increase in the economic growth rate and the rate of increase in consumer prices. Unfortunately, the 2% inflation target has not been achieved, but for the remaining one and a half years, we will do our utmost to achieve it. "