“Is it possible to take more gas from Gazprom and pump it (to Europe. -



You can, ”he said.

The Kremlin spokesman added that Gazprom is ready and fulfills its obligations in full.

“No one has absolutely any claims, and it cannot be.

Is Gazprom ready to conclude contracts further?

"Gazprom" is interested in this ", - quoted by Peskov TASS.

He recalled that consumers in Europe are the main partners of the Russian side.

And Gazprom always proves its reliability under any circumstances.

Therefore, these shouts from the United States are nothing more than propaganda.

But this propaganda is with a minus sign, ”Peskov added.

Earlier, the representative of the German Ministry of Economy, Suzanne Ungard, confirmed that Russia is fulfilling the gas supply contracts, Berlin is not aware of any cases of deliberate violations of contracts.