National Development and Reform Commission: Benefiting enterprises to bail out difficulties and supporting the high-quality development of the private economy

  Guangming Daily reporter Liu Kun

  At present, what is the overall living condition of private enterprises?

In terms of supporting the development of private enterprises and further liberalizing market access, what measures will my country take?

On September 24, the National Development and Reform Commission held a special press conference on the relief of enterprises and responded to relevant hot issues.

  "Since last year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has come out suddenly and continues to evolve, and the external environment is complex and severe, which has brought great challenges to my country's economic development." said Jiang Yi, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission's Department of Economic Restructuring. , The state has issued a series of policies and measures, and the majority of private enterprises have faced difficulties and worked hard to practice their internal skills. The tenacity and vitality have been constantly demonstrated, showing a new trend of high-quality development.

  Jiang Yi introduced that the recent new characteristics of the development of the private economy can be summarized as "five more attentions", that is, more attention is paid to reducing costs and increasing efficiency, controlling risks, improving competitiveness, increasing investment in scientific and technological innovation, enhancing new kinetic energy, and more. Pay more attention to transformation and upgrading, respond to external shocks, pay more attention to seizing new business types, new models and new opportunities, expand foreign trade space, and pay more attention to fulfilling social responsibilities.

Relevant departments have successively introduced a series of relief policies to benefit enterprises in taxation, financing, bidding, and business environment, and the policy effects continue to appear.

  Jiang Yi said that it is necessary to continue to discover and understand the difficulties and problems encountered by private enterprises through a variety of methods, and to study and solve them in a timely manner; to carry out a pilot project for collaborative cross-regional development of private economy, and to break down inter-regional private economic policy barriers and establish inter-regional policies. The benefit coordination mechanism promotes the coordination of government services related to private enterprises and regional market coordination; guides and supports the equal enjoyment of relevant policies by private enterprises, and guides private enterprises to participate in incremental mixed reform; plays a good role in demonstration and promotes the formation of a good atmosphere and support for the reform and development of private enterprises environment.

  Zhang Chun, deputy director of the Department of Finance and Finance of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that stabilizing growth and ensuring employment is focused on protecting market players, especially small, medium and micro enterprises with a large volume and a wide range of businesses.

Solving the financing problems of small, medium and micro enterprises is of overall significance for stimulating the endogenous motivation of market entities and consolidating the foundation for economic recovery.

  In recent years, the National Development and Reform Commission has taken the lead in advancing the construction of the social credit system, and has promoted the "Xinyi Loan" model in conjunction with the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other departments. Symmetrical puzzle.

  "Relying on the national credit information sharing platform, we have built and operated a national comprehensive credit service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises financing, and have been connected with 255 local platforms or sites to provide enterprise-related credit information inquiries for banks, insurance, guarantees, credit services and other institutions. Services, improve the ability to accurately profile small, medium and micro enterprises, and form a virtuous circle of'getting loans with credit and promoting credit with loans'." Zhang Chun said that at present, the financing of small, medium and micro enterprises continues to show "increased volume, expanded coverage, and reduced prices." "situation.

  Zhang Chun said that in the future, it will speed up the pace of credit information sharing, promote and improve the "Credit Easy Loan" model, and promote financial services to the real economy; more efforts will be made to promote taxation, social insurance premiums and housing provident fund payment, water, electricity and gas and other information to be included in the scope of sharing. Consolidate the role of credit information in promoting the financing of small, medium and micro enterprises.

  Regarding market access issues that entrepreneurs are generally concerned about, Jiang Yi introduced that in accordance with the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the market access negative list system has been fully implemented. In accordance with the principle of "one revision per year", three versions of market access have been issued. On the negative list, the list items have been reduced from 151 to 123. The "national one list" management model has been fully established. A number of hidden barriers that hinder the fair access of market entities have been cleared and the list system has been continuously improved.

  Jiang Yi said that in the future, he will continue to promote the relaxation of market access restrictions.

The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, together with relevant departments and various localities have carried out a comprehensive revision of the "Market Access Negative List (2020 Edition)", and generally strive to further reduce the list items, and are currently seeking public opinions.

At the same time, we will carry out pilot projects for market access liberalization, combined with major national and regional strategies, speed up Shenzhen’s construction of a pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and launch special measures for liberalization of access, advance the research and formulation of special measures such as Pudong and Hengqin, and support Hubei in developing market access liberalization. Into the pilot.

  "It is necessary to further improve the performance evaluation index system for market access, gradually expand the scope of evaluation, implement the collection and notification of cases of violations of the negative list, smooth the feedback channels of market entities on various market access issues, and create a fairer and smoother market access Environment." Jiang Yi said.