[Explanation] Recently, the Fifth China Time-honored Brand (Shandong) Expo was held at the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. This year’s expo "takes the theme of "National Tide and Quality Life", and more than 600 time-honored brands from China will participate. Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, piano Chess, calligraphy, painting, poems, hops... Time-honored brands have become a special memory of the city. Under the new economy and new trends, the brand vitality of time-honored domestic brands has become a focus of attention from all walks of life. The time-honored brands that have gone through a century are actively embracing the technology of the new era. , The old tree has new flowers.

  [Concurrent] Chi Jinglin, Regional Manager of Shandong Dong'e Ejiao Co., Ltd.

  Donge Ejiao brought our representative products at this exhibition, "Peach Blossom Ji Ejiao Cake" and "Huajianling Ejiao Powder". The innovative products cater to modern people's needs for convenience and health, and also break the traditional consumption. The circle has attracted a large number of young users. Different from previous years, new ways of playing have been added to the exhibition site this year. Dong-e-E-Jiao moved the live broadcast room into the exhibition hall. Online live broadcast has become a new format of Dong-E-E-Jiao. Our Chinese time-honored brand also burst into youthful vigor.

  [Explanation] At this Expo, the "Time-honored Live Broadcast Week", which has been further upgraded and upgraded, is a key measure to promote the consumption of domestic products and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

The reporter saw in the exhibition hall that the various forms of live broadcast with changeable gameplay attracted many visitors to stop and watch.

  【Concurrent】Visitors open

  Let’s go to the exhibition and simply take a walk. I have always stayed in simple stores and offline for the time-honored brands before. After taking a look this time, I feel that there are more e-commerce shops. Now this live broadcast also brings goods. There are many, and everyone has done quite well. I feel that this time-honored brand now has new vitality.

  [Explanation] The reporter learned at the scene that time-honored companies have created creative brand derivatives around classic culture and ancient elements, allowing audiences to fully experience the beauty of Chinese culture and traditions and the essence of domestic products, and feel that time-honored brands stand up to the forefront and advance with the times Brand characteristics, appreciate the "quality of life" of the time-honored brand in the Internet age.

It is reported that the main venue of this year's expo has eight exhibition areas including the provincial delegation exhibition area, the brand gathering area, the food exhibition area, the medicine and health area, and the Qilu Food Street. The exhibition will last until September 25.

  (Reported by Wang Feng Jinan)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]