(Zhongguancun Forum) Experts on Zhongguancun Forum discussing future industrial development paths: should seize the opportunity at the national level

  China News Service, Beijing, September 25 (Xu Jing Chen Hang) Zhongguancun Forum 2021 "Future Industry Innovation and Development Parallel Forum" was held in Beijing on the 24th.

Experts and scholars at the conference believe that the future industry is expected to become a mainstream industry and bring about major leading changes in economic and social development. It should be deployed as early as possible at the national level to seize opportunities to comprehensively shape new development advantages.

  At the event site, the guests at the conference discussed the cultivation mechanism, development path and innovation policy of the future industry around the cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, quantum information, genetic medicine, future networks, and clean energy, and discussed in depth the development of my country’s future industrial development by relying on the national high-tech zone. Strategic source, exchange and cooperate with foreign first-class parks to establish a long-term cooperation mechanism for the cultivation, incubation and development of future industries.

  Shao Xinyu, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that the Future Industry Innovation and Development Forum should discuss in depth the direction, path and mechanism of future industry development, pointing out that the future industry represents the evolution direction of technological progress and economic development. The development of future industries is the development of the future economy, and it is a relationship. A major event in the national fortune.

  He mentioned that the National High-tech Zone should give full play to the advantages of scientific and technological resources, industrial foundation and talents, focus on major national strategic needs, accurately select the future industry direction, and strive to cultivate and form a number of future industries, and build the national high-tech zone into my country’s future industrial development. Innovation highland.

  At the forum, participating experts and scholars conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the cultivation of future industries. They believed that the future industry refers to important scientific discoveries or major technological breakthroughs, representing the future direction of technology and industrial development, and is expected to become a mainstream industry and contribute to economic and social development. Bring major changes to lead, and the current industrial form in the embryonic or early stages of industrialization has obvious characteristics such as originality, subversiveness, uncertainty and preemptiveness. It should be deployed early at the national level to seize opportunities and comprehensively shape China is developing new advantages; at the same time, we must attach great importance to market mechanisms and inclusive supervision, and give full play to the important role of small and medium-sized enterprises and private enterprises in the process of cultivating future industries.