China News Service, September 24. According to the website of the National Development and Reform Commission, a few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments issued the "Notice on Renovating Virtual Currency "Mining" Activities" (hereinafter referred to as the notice).

The notice requires a distinction between virtual currency "mining" increments and stock items.

It is strictly forbidden to invest in the construction of incremental projects, and it is forbidden to develop virtual currency "mining" projects in any name; accelerate the orderly exit of existing projects, and under the premise of ensuring a smooth transition, scientifically determine the exit timetable and implementation path based on the actual conditions of each region.

  The notification requires a comprehensive review of virtual currency "mining" projects.

Sort out and check inventory items.

Comprehensively sort out the local virtual currency "mining" projects that have been put into operation, establish a project list, and sort out the basic data of the company, scale, computing power, power consumption and other basic data of the virtual currency "mining" projects in operation one by one, in real time every week Dynamic updates.

Conduct a comprehensive investigation on whether there are virtual currency "mining" activities in big data industrial parks and high-tech parks, accurately distinguish data centers and virtual currency "mines", and ensure that there are no blanks in the investigation of local virtual currency "mining".

  Sort out new projects under construction.

Intensify investigations in all aspects of the preliminary work of virtual currency "mining" projects, establish a list of virtual currency "mining" projects under construction or to be constructed, and sort out the enterprises, scale, computing power, power consumption, and plans one by one Basic information such as production time.

Intensify screening efforts in energy-saving review, application for installation by telegram, etc., to ensure that the sorted out data is true and comprehensive.

  Strengthen the monitoring and analysis of abnormal electricity consumption.

Further carry out analysis of grid-connected power generation data and abnormal power consumption data, use technical means to monitor and control, and strengthen on-site inspections of large power users in data centers.

Intensify the monitoring of the load reduction data of grid-connected power plants except for system reasons such as water supply and dispatch, and prevent public grid-connected power plants from pulling special lines to directly supply virtual currency "mining" enterprises.

Report to the relevant supervisory authority in time for illegal power supply activities discovered.

  The notice emphasized that investment in new projects is strictly prohibited.

Strengthen the dual control of energy consumption in the newly-added virtual currency "mining" project.

Incorporate the prohibition of new virtual currency "mining" projects into the energy consumption dual control assessment system, strictly implement the energy management and control responsibilities of local governments, and conduct energy dual control assessments in areas where new virtual currency "mining" projects are discovered and verified Calculate energy consumption by doubling the energy consumption of new projects.

  List virtual currency "mining" activities as an obsolete industry.

The "virtual currency'mining' activity" was added to the "elimination category" of the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2019)".

Before being added to the list, the virtual currency "mining" project shall be treated as an outdated industry, and it shall be prohibited in accordance with the "Decision of the State Council on Issuing and Implementing the "Interim Provisions for Promoting Industrial Structure Adjustment"" (Guofa﹝2005﹞40) invest.

  It is strictly forbidden to carry out virtual currency "mining" activities in the name of a data center.

Strengthen the supervision and investigation of virtual currency "mining" activities, clearly distinguish the boundaries between "mining" and blockchain, big data, cloud computing and other industries, guide related companies to develop high-tech industries with low resource consumption and high added value, and the use of data is strictly prohibited The center carries out virtual currency "mining" activities, and prohibits the promotion and expansion of virtual currency "mining" projects in the name of the development of digital economy and strategic emerging industries.

  Strengthen the credit supervision of data center enterprises.

Carry out credit supervision on data center enterprises, implement a credit commitment system, organize the signing of credit commitments, and independently pledge not to participate in virtual currency "mining" activities.

Relying on the credit information sharing platform at all levels, the content of the company's commitments and the fulfillment of the commitments are included in the credit records as the basis for supervision during and after the event.

Restrictions will be imposed on enterprises that fail to fulfill their promises in accordance with the law.

  Strictly restrict the use of telegraphic equipment and energy by virtual currency "mining" enterprises.

New virtual currency "mining" projects are forbidden to report for installation and electricity connection, and the telegraphic installation business shall be strictly reviewed. It is not allowed to supply power to virtual currency "mining" enterprises in any name. All applications for installation projects will be stopped.

Strictly implement the electric power business license system, and strictly prohibit the use of power supply before the network, pull dedicated lines, etc. to supply power to enterprises that newly build virtual currency "mining" projects.

Strengthen the supervision of the telegraphic installation business, and conduct random inspections and verifications through "double random, one open" and other methods.

  It is strictly forbidden to provide fiscal, taxation and financial support for new virtual currency "mining" projects.

It is strictly forbidden for local governments, financial institutions and non-bank payment institutions to support new virtual currency "mining" projects in any form such as fiscal, taxation and finance.

For government-led industrial parks, the introduction of new virtual currency "mining" projects is not allowed.

  Notice requirements to speed up the orderly exit of existing projects.

Investigate and punish illegal power supply behaviors in accordance with the law.

Strengthen administrative law enforcement efforts, and resolutely put an end to power generation companies, especially small hydropower companies, to supply power to virtual currency "mining" projects in front of the network, direct power supply through dedicated lines, etc.

It is strictly forbidden for virtual currency "mining" enterprises to develop self-supplied power plants in any form.

Unblock the 12398 energy regulatory complaint hotline and other channels, strictly investigate and punish illegal power supply behaviors, and impose administrative penalties in accordance with laws and regulations.

For virtual currency "mining" companies that have verified illegal use of electricity, they have taken power cuts and restrictions in accordance with the law.

  Implement differential electricity prices.

The virtual currency "mining" project is included in the implementation of the differential electricity price policy, and the "eliminated" corporate electricity price is implemented. The price increase standard is 0.30 yuan per kilowatt hour. The local government can further increase the price increase standard according to the actual situation.

Update the list of virtual currency "mining" projects in a timely manner, strengthen supervision and inspection, ensure that the differential electricity price policy is strictly implemented, and charge the virtual currency "mining" enterprises in time and in full.

  Virtual currency "mining" projects are not allowed to participate in the electricity market.

Strengthen the supervision of the power market order, strengthen the screening of corporate users participating in the power market, do not allow virtual currency "mining" projects to participate in the power market in any name, and do not allow virtual currency "mining" projects to enjoy power market concessions in any way.

Virtual currency "mining" projects that have entered the power market need to be withdrawn within a time limit.

  Stop all financial and taxation support for virtual currency "mining" projects.

Existing projects that the local government has given preferential policies on taxes, rents, water and electricity, etc., must be stopped and cancelled within a time limit.

For virtual currency "mining" projects and their parks, local governments are not allowed to grant financial subsidies and preferential tax policies.

  Stop providing financial services for virtual currency "mining" projects.

All financial institutions and non-bank payment institutions are forbidden to directly or indirectly provide financial services and various forms of credit support for virtual currency "mining" enterprises and projects, and take measures to recover the loans that have been issued.

Severely crack down on all kinds of illegal fund-raising and illegal securities issuance activities carried out in the name of virtual currency "mining".

  In accordance with the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog", it will be eliminated within a time limit.

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog", effective measures have been taken to rectify and eliminate the existing virtual currency "mining" projects in an orderly manner.

Enterprises that are not eliminated on time shall be ordered to suspend production or be closed in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.

Those who violate the regulations shall be held accountable in accordance with the law.