To revitalize real estate transactions, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has decided to assign numbers called "real estate IDs" to lands and buildings nationwide and promote the cooperation of real estate information held by the public and private sectors.

It is expected to lead to the spread of new services such as asset assessment using AI.

Information on real estate includes the registry managed by the Legal Affairs Bureau of the country, city planning of local governments, and property information of real estate companies, but there are many cases where the building name and lot number are different even at the same address, so when making a transaction It has been pointed out that it takes time to confirm and hinders digitization.

For this reason, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will assign a number called "real estate ID" to land and buildings nationwide from next year, and will hold the first meeting of a study group by experts and industry groups on the 24th with the policy of promoting information sharing. rice field.

On the 24th of the first day, the government explained the policy of utilizing the 13-digit number listed in the register for "real estate ID".

In the future, the study group will promote the creation of rules regarding the handling of personal information, discuss how to use it to improve the convenience of users, and will compile guidelines by the end of this fiscal year.

If real estate information is linked, new services such as asset assessment using AI are expected to spread, and it is also expected to be used for countermeasures against the problem of increasing vacant houses and vacant lots whose owners are unknown. ..