The Dutch airline KLM has to cancel 24 of the 46 flights to Italy due to an announced strike by the ground staff at the Italian airline Alitalia, a KLM spokesperson reported to on Friday.

These include flights to Genoa, Bologna and Rome, among others.

Not all flights to Italy will be canceled completely, but the strike does lead to significant disruption.

For example, another plane flies from Bologna to Amsterdam on Friday morning and another one flies back in the evening, but the four flights in between are cancelled.

Three flights to Rome are cancelled.

Almost all flights to destinations such as Genoa, Milan, Venice and Florence will be cancelled.

22 flights are still being operated, but depending on the destination, there may also be some delays, the spokesperson says.

Handling at Italian airports is more limited due to the strike.

That is why KLM will not allow cargo flights to take off on Friday.

Alitalia staff will stop working on Friday in protest against a round of layoffs.

7,200 of the 10,000 employees will soon have to disappear at the company that is actually already bankrupt, but is being kept afloat by the Italian government.

Italy is allocating 3 million euros for the rescue of the company, which will soon also change its name: from October 15, the group will relaunch under the name Italia Trasporto Aero (ITA).