Apple started selling the new smartphone model "iPhone 13" on the 24th.

The iPhone continues to have a high market share in Japan, but recently, manufacturers who are newly entering the development of smartphone terminals are also active, and competition is likely to intensify.

At Apple's directly managed stores in Tokyo Marunouchi, customers who made reservations gathered early in the morning, and when the store opened at 8:00 am, they purchased new models one after another.

The new model has the same design as the previous model, but features improved camera and battery performance.

A 21-year-old college student who bought it said, "I buy a new one every year. I want models that can be folded and models with various designs to come out."

According to research firm MM Research Institute, the iPhone accounted for nearly half of the smartphones shipped in Japan last year, at 48%.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics has introduced the latest foldable terminals to the market, German long-established camera maker Leica has started selling terminals, and Japanese emerging home appliance maker Balmuda has also started development. There are also a series of entry movements.

It seems that the focus will be on how the market share of manufacturers will change as competition intensifies.