To ensure normal access to legitimate website links, platforms such as WeChat, Taobao, and Douyin will enter the stage of interconnection and interoperability

The "wall" between the Internet platforms should be demolished

  Our reporter Wang Qun

  "Workers Daily" (September 24, 2021 03 edition)

  For a long time, many netizens have encountered the problem of being restricted from recognition of URL links and normal access without justifiable reasons when logging on to major Internet platforms. The situation of privately building "walls" by major platforms for a long time has made users feel helpless.

  Now this stubborn disease is expected to be effectively cured.

The Information and Communication Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently held an "Administrative Guidance Meeting on Blocking Web Site Links", requiring all platforms to unblock them in accordance with the standards on September 17, otherwise law enforcement measures will be taken.

  On September 17, the reporter found that the external link blocking was gradually being lifted. The links to Taobao and Douyin could already be opened through QQ, and there was no need to copy and open the password.

This also attracted many netizens like.


  Ms. Zhang born in the 90s in Jinan, Shandong is an online shopping expert. For a long time, she has always faced a headache. "Every time I use WeChat to receive a Taobao product link recommended by a friend, I can’t open it directly, and I need to copy it manually. To open it."

  In recent years, with the gradual popularity of mobile Internet and smart phones, more and more elderly people have joined the online shopping force.

The blocking of URL links between platforms, to some extent, has also exacerbated the "digital divide."

  "The inability to interconnect, forming information islands and data chimneys are the chronic diseases of China Mobile Internet. The so-called ecology is just a small circle of self-enclosure." China "Internet + Hundred People Association" initiator, China Internet Association Sharing Economy Working Committee expert member Zhang Xiaofeng told reporters that the phenomenon of blocking URL links between platforms has been around for a long time. This not only reduces technical dividends, but also brings inconvenience to the user experience, making it more difficult to form large synergy in a larger scope and more dimensions.

  In fact, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated on July 26 that it would launch a special rectification action for the Internet industry.

Among them, in terms of disrupting market order, focus on rectifying problems such as malicious blocking of website links and interference with the operation of other enterprise products or services, including scenarios such as restricting normal access to other website links without justifiable reasons, and implementing discriminatory blocking measures.

On August 17, the “Regulations on Prohibition of Unfair Competition on the Internet (Draft for Comment)” published by the State Administration for Market Regulation also explicitly included the unfair reason to block legitimate Internet products or services as acts of unfair competition.

These deployments and actions are sending a clear signal: the Internet must truly realize "interconnection".

  Self-examination and rectification

  On September 13, in response to the public's concern about the interconnection of the Internet industry, Zhao Zhiguo, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Information and Communication Administration Bureau, said that ensuring normal access to legitimate web links is a basic requirement for the development of the Internet.

Interconnection is an inevitable choice for the high-quality development of the Internet industry, and allowing users to use the Internet smoothly and safely is also the direction of the Internet industry's efforts.

  Zhao Zhiguo revealed that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is currently instructing relevant Internet companies to carry out self-examination and rectification in accordance with the special action plan. However, during the self-examination and rectification, it was also found that some Internet companies still have a certain degree of awareness of the problem of blocking URL links and special action requirements. gap.

  It is worth noting that at the previous "Administrative Guidance Meeting on Blocking URL Links", participating companies included Internet companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Bytedance.

Subsequently, companies including Tencent and Alibaba responded quickly, expressing support and support for the above-mentioned policies and implementing them in strict accordance with the requirements of the standards.

  Zhao Zhiguo said that in the next step, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will focus on key rectification issues.

Strengthen administrative guidance, continue to convene administrative guidance meetings and other methods to urge enterprises to implement rectification and reform, and promote the formation of an open, standardized, orderly, and secure Internet development environment.

 Convenient life

  From the State Administration of Market Supervision issued a huge anti-monopoly fine to Alibaba, to Meituan’s case being investigated for suspected monopolistic behavior, to requesting Tencent Music to abandon its exclusive copyright... Recently, regulatory authorities have decisively and intensively acted, and many platform companies have been punished heavily. Punish or file a case for investigation.

  “To solve these problems, some need to be solved technically, some need to be solved from management, some problems need to be solved in a coordinated and systematic manner from all aspects, and some problems need to be solved from a development perspective.” In Xiao Yaqing, Minister of Industry and Information Technology In the future, Internet security is the bottom line. The development of the Internet must be able to make people’s lives more convenient, help all aspects of development, and ultimately promote the healthy and orderly development of the Internet industry and platform economy.

  Wei Shizhong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice president of Henan University of Science and Technology, believes that with the increasingly fierce competition among Internet platforms, the problems of irregular development of some platform companies have been fully exposed. Targetedly improve the regulatory system and the adaptability of the system, improve the legal norms of platform enterprise monopoly identification, data collection and use management, etc., so that the pace of supervision can keep up with the development of the platform economy in a timely manner.

  "In this process, leading Internet companies should take on more social responsibilities, set industry benchmarks, and guide operators in the field of platform economy to operate in compliance with laws and regulations." Wei Shizhong told reporters.

  Of course, netizens also have some worries about whether there will be information flooding and personal privacy safety after the platform is interconnected.

Zhang Xiaofeng suggested that the unblocking work should not be done overnight. There should be norms and rules in advance, and the output and input should be distinguished, and the ecological coordination should be distinguished.

There must be both constraints and incentives; it not only suppresses monopoly and overlord clauses, but also does not suppress innovation and vitality.