In this year's Economic White Paper, the government is trying to strengthen its supply chain in light of the fact that the effects of the new coronavirus have delayed the procurement of parts from overseas and forced automobile manufacturers to significantly reduce production. He pointed out that urgent action is required.

On the 24th, the government released the "White Paper on Economic and Fiscal Policy" this year, which analyzed the current state of the Japanese economy and summarized issues.

According to this, "strengthening the supply chain" is cited as the main issue of the Japanese economy, which has entered the second year since the spread of the new corona infection.

In Japan, there was a shortage of supplies such as masks and medical products last year, but in addition to the impact of the global semiconductor shortage, the spread of infection in Southeast Asia has delayed the procurement of local parts, resulting in a large number of automobile manufacturers. We are forced to reduce production.

In light of these circumstances, the white paper states that production adjustments may spread beyond the automobile industry depending on the global infection situation, and urgent efforts to strengthen the supply chain in order to ensure economic security. Pointed out that is required.