, September 23. SF Express Co., Ltd. issued a statement on the rectification of the "receipt confirmation" service on its official website, stating that SF Express Co., Ltd. had issues related to the "receipt confirmation" value-added services notified by the Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Commission. It attaches great importance to, fully respects and accepts the opinions of consumers and the Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Committee, and plans to officially remove the "signature confirmation" value-added service products that are prone to misunderstanding by consumers on September 29.

  The statement also stated that SF Express Co., Ltd. will further study the individual needs of consumers, fully listen to consumer opinions and suggestions, explore the provision of more refined services, and will also strengthen the description and reminders of the names and contents of new service products. , To avoid causing user misunderstanding.

Screenshot of SF Express Co., Ltd. official website

  According to media reports, a few days ago, the Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Committee issued a document saying that some consumers reported that when they used the "SF Express+" WeChat official account to send express delivery, they found that SF Express had provided a fee increase called "signature confirmation". The service charge is 1 yuan. After purchasing this value-added service, the recipient needs to sign for the express delivery with the receipt code sent by SF Express or the last 6 digits of his ID card. Consumers believe that SF Express’s act of providing this value-added service violates its lawfulness. rights and interests.

  The Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Committee believes that the value-added service of “sign-and-receipt confirmation” launched by SF Express is actually a legal obligation for express companies.

SF Express arbitrarily split the "receipt confirmation" from the due statutory service content, suspected of infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers by setting up a name for charges; SF Express launching this value-added service can easily make consumers mistakenly think that if you don't check it For this service item, SF Express may not provide the "receipt confirmation" service, which is suspected of misleading consumers.