As environmental concerns call for the reduction of plastic waste, major hamburger chains are reducing the new use of petroleum-derived plastics in their children's menu bonus toys.

By switching the material to paper, etc., it announced that it will reduce by about 90% compared to 2018 in the next four years.

McDonald's Japan announced that it will switch to paper, plant-derived plastics, and recycled materials by the end of 2025, four years later, as a bonus material for children's set menus.

More than 100 million sets of menus with toys are sold annually in Japan, and the company has been promoting activities to collect unnecessary plastic toys and recycle them into trays for three years.

Under these circumstances, by reviewing the material itself, the new amount of petroleum-derived plastic used for toys will be reduced by about 90% compared to 2018.

In the restaurant chain, Kura Sushi, a major revolving sushi company, is gradually switching from plastic capsules containing game prizes to customers to paper.

In the food service industry, in addition to tableware for take-out, the movement to remove plastic is spreading as a bonus to entertain customers such as families, while environmental consideration is calling for reduction of plastic waste.

Accelerate the movement of plastic removal such as convenience stores and eating out

In industries such as convenience stores and eating out, where plastic products such as spoons and straws are provided to customers free of charge, the movement to remove plastic is accelerating.

Of these, at convenience stores, Lawson has switched to wooden disposable spoons on a trial basis since last month, and FamilyMart has adopted spoons that use less plastic by changing the shape of the handle. We are expanding the introduction to stores nationwide.

In the coffee chain, Starbucks has switched all disposable straws offered by the store to paper from this month, and Tully's, Ueshima Coffee, etc. are selling drinks at discounted prices to customers who bring their own bottles and tumblers. increase.

At the family restaurant, Skylark Holdings has switched to plant-derived materials such as disposable straws and forks.

Based on the "Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law" enacted in June, the government obliges businesses that provide large quantities of disposable plastic products to take measures such as reviewing the provision method, and recommends if the efforts are insufficient. And the company name will be announced.

As more efforts are required to reduce plastic waste, industries such as convenience stores and restaurants are under pressure to take action.