[Rural Revitalization] A harvest year for the "hands-off shopkeeper": land trusteeship gives farmers a good "money scene"

  [Explanation] During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Xinjiang, a major agricultural county in Shanxi Province, is about to usher in a bumper harvest of corn.

On September 22, in the Rare Grain and Grain Planting Cooperative in Bai Village, Sanquan Town, the county, more than a hundred local farmers rode agricultural tricycles to participate in high-quality farmer training.

Through land transfer and agricultural trusteeship services, this agricultural cooperative has driven 20,000 farmers in the surrounding 40 administrative villages to achieve large-scale and mechanized food planting, use large-scale agricultural machinery and advanced agricultural technology to transform the smallholder economy and increase agricultural productivity. , And carry out high-quality farmer training, agricultural production here is no longer the traditional appearance.

  In 2016, Wang Yaoqin, a villager in Shuangtuo Village, Sanquan Town, entrusted her 8 acres of land to the Rare Grain and Grain Planting Cooperative. After that, she bid farewell to traditional work in the field, from farming, fertilizing, preventing and controlling diseases, insects and weeds to harvesting and sales. , Are all done by the cooperative, and she only needs to pay an annual custody fee of 400 yuan per mu of wheat and 360 yuan per mu of corn, which includes a series of costs such as seeds and fertilizers, and can get the annual grain sales.

  [Concurrent] Wang Yaoqin, a villager in Shuangtuo Village

  (Previously) You had to take care of the land yourself when you took care of the land, and you had to take care of it yourself when you were spraying medicine. Now you have to hand over the 8 acres of land to Ruiheng Company (cooperative) without worrying about it, and your mind is relieved.

  [Explanation] The Rare Grain and Grain Planting Professional Cooperative began to explore the development of agricultural trust services in 2015. At present, more than 1,000 farmers have chosen to trust land.

  [Concurrent] Chao Zhenliang, Chairman of the Rare Grain and Grain Planting Professional Cooperative

  We mainly use two methods. Our land trusteeship mainly uses the transfer of the family, and the family has no one, and then the land stays. We use the method of circulation to transfer the management rights. We operate independently, and then there is another one that is There is no labor at home and the land is still there. Then we adopt agricultural production trusteeship. The ultimate goal is to achieve land intensification, and then increase the degree of mechanization and reduce the cost of agricultural production. Then, we use the extension of the industrial chain and the cultivation of specialty agricultural products. Achieve an increase in efficiency, achieve a final cost reduction and increase efficiency, and increase farmers' income.

  [Explanation] There are currently two trusteeship models for cooperatives. Farmers can either choose part-time work-style trusteeship or a nanny-style full-process trusteeship.

  [Concurrent] Chao Zhenliang, Chairman of the Rare Grain and Grain Planting Professional Cooperative

  Nanny-style trusteeship, we use the choice of seed and chemical fertilizers, including cultivation, planting, prevention (treatment of diseases, pests, weeds), and harvesting. All of them are done by us. Farmers only need to know the number of acres, and then know the final One output.

After the harvest, we will directly discount to the farmers based on the price at the time, or if the farmers ask for grain, we will pay the people the grain.

Then the menu is based on the needs of farmers, such as pest control or simple farming. Farmers choose the services they need based on this link.

  [Explanation] In the experimental field of the cooperative, the reporter saw that the prevention of pests is no longer spraying pesticides, and various traps can play a role in the field.

Dryland rice of different varieties and colors also began to spit ears in the experimental fields.

With the assistance of academics and industry experts, the level of local agricultural modernization has gradually improved.

  [Concurrent] Chao Zhenliang, Chairman of the Rare Grain and Grain Planting Professional Cooperative

  It is equipped with some modern agricultural machinery and equipment, including our spraying medicine, which uses plant protection drones and autonomous sprayers, and installs agricultural machinery monitoring platforms, such as corn harvesting, wheat planting and cultivation, and then different Different types of agricultural machinery can be reflected, we can compare each agricultural machinery to monitor a location of its operation, including a quality of its operation.

  [Concurrent] Wang Yaoqin, a villager in Shuangtuo Village

  In the past, I used to fight drugs, carrying a bucket on the ground to fight drugs, but now people use high-altitude (gap spray) machines and airplanes to save trouble.

Originally, when 8 mu of land was planted, one mu of land could only yield 800 jin. After it was handed over to Ruiheng Company (cooperative), one mu of real estate was 1,000 jin, which indeed yielded good returns.

  [Explanation] In 2013, the Rare Grain and Grain Planting Professional Cooperative was initiated and established by 5 farmers, and now the number of members has grown to more than 1,000.

In 2020, it was selected into the list of typical cases of the national farmer cooperatives.

  [Concurrent] Chao Zhenliang, Chairman of the Rare Grain and Grain Planting Professional Cooperative

  So far, the area of ​​planting, the area we have transferred to our own business is more than 5,000 acres, and then the accumulated single-item and full support each year under the trusteeship is nearly 70,000 acres.

A new wheat variety was introduced this year, and we have equipped a new technology.

We invited provincial and municipal agricultural experts to conduct field test and acceptance, and the output reached 735.6 kg, breaking the high-yield record of Yuncheng waterland wheat.

  Reporter Qu Lixia reports from Shanxi Yuncheng

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】