With degrowth, will we all end up unemployed or poor?

Would the decrease inevitably plunge France into a terrible recession?

Will we see the end of innovations?

Shouldn't we be focusing on green growth instead?

The researcher and essayist Vincent Liegey, engineer by profession, has just released the book 


, by trying to demystify this concept which is very much debated.

He came to "debunk", in front of the

20 Minutes



some received ideas about this model.

Against a "sustained recession" or a growth society without growth, he pleads for a "chosen decrease" that he considers more in line with the preservation of biodiversity and respect for our ecosystems.

Make sense through degrowth?

"With growth, we calculate a bit of everything and anything."

Vincent Liegey does not budge.

If the ecosystems of planet Earth today are in poor health, it is largely due to the capitalist measurement system based on growth, and therefore GDP, "which does not take into account their destruction and that of biodiversity, among others, ”he insists.

The most important, according to him?

“In the end, we have to ask ourselves the question of what really makes sense”.


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Presidential 2022: During the debate for the green primary, the candidates try to differentiate themselves on the decrease

"Décroissance" by Vincent Liegey, Ed. Tana, "Fake or not" collection, in bookstores since September 9th. 

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