China News Service, Xining, September 22, title: Qinghai: "Tian Nanny" performs his duties, so that farmers have leisure, rich and harvest

  Author Bao Qianqian Zhang Tianfu

  "Facing the loess and back to the sky, the day and night are not idle"-this once vividly described the hard work of Chinese peasants in farming the fields.

  Nowadays, in some areas of the Qinghai Plateau, the "Tian Nanny" has officially taken up their jobs-the labor burden of farmers has been greatly reduced, and the harvest is guaranteed.

The big guy was happy to bloom in the hardest autumn harvest season.

  The so-called "land sitter" refers to the "land trusteeship" model in which farmers trust the land that they do not want to cultivate or are unable to cultivate to social service organizations or large planting households, who will cultivate and manage them on their behalf.

The picture shows the harvester harvesting wheat.

Photo by Bao Qianqian

  Luo Shengyun, the head of the Lassa Cultivation Cooperative in Huangzhong District, Xining City, Qinghai Province, is a “nanny field”.

In the past few days, he stayed in the field every day, worrying about the harvest in the field for the villagers who took care of the cultivated land.

  Why do you want to be a "Nanny Tian"?

  "First of all, I am a party member and want to use my actions to do something for the villagers; secondly, now everyone is busy going out to work, some land in the village is deserted, and I am also a farmer. I feel distressed. , So I thought I could do this." Luo Shengyun told the whole story.

  This year, Luo Shengyun’s planting and breeding cooperative has managed a total of 3,000 acres of land in the local areas such as Lanlongkou, Shangwuzhuang, and Duoba, and planted wheat, broad beans, potatoes and other crops. The cooperative is the trustee for a year of hard work. A bumper year was planted, which strengthened farmers’ trust in trusteeship.

The picture shows the harvester harvesting wheat.

Photo by Bao Qianqian

  Qian Shengming is a villager in Minzu Village, Lanlongkou Town, Huangzhong District. He used to only go out to work during the slack period. However, the slack time for farming is limited, so he can only find odd jobs. nervous.

  And this year, Qian Shengming took part of the cultivated land in trust at a price of 150 yuan per mu.

  "The cooperative called me and said that the wheat is yellow and has been harvested. Let me pull it," Qian Shengming said. "The cooperative takes good care of my crops and produces high food! I have a total of more than 20 acres of land. Next year, I will take care of all of them, and then go out to work with peace of mind and earn more money!"

  According to a reporter from, this year, the Huangzhong District Land Trust Project covers a total area of ​​30,000 mu, and a total of 14 cooperatives provide services to more than 8,000 farmers.

  Cultivation, weeding, fertilization, spraying, mow, and milling... Ma Changlu is familiar with the local farming processes throughout the year.

  "Before farming, I used people to pull manure to make fertilizer. In August and September, I harvested the fields and used a rack cart to pull the wheat bales. When they were piled up at the milling field, they started to mill." Ma Changlu said, "It's not fast to cut wheat with a sickle. When there is a lot of rain, the grain cannot be harvested in time, and the grain can sprout."

  Nowadays, no livestock is needed for farming and no sickle is needed for harvesting. Rotary sowing machines, drones, combine harvesters, and balers take turns in turn... Ma Changlu said that the harvesters work at the same time, and several hundred acres of wheat can be harvested in a few days. .

  Su Shengfu is also the "Nanny Tian".

He runs the Huangzhong District Jinshuyuan Potato Marketing Cooperative, and this year provides land trust services for 5,000 acres of farmland in six surrounding villages.

  Su Shengfu introduced: "From the beginning of the year to the present, more than 100 sets of machinery have been put into farming, planting, prevention, and harvesting. In order to grab the wheat and rapeseed from farmers, the cooperatives purchased agricultural machinery and tools in advance and used the social service organization in the equipment. And the advantages in service can solve the problem of “can't do it, do it badly, and do it not cost-effectively” one by one, so that farmers are willing to farm."

  Hou Wenyu, a villager who enjoys the service of "Tian Nanny", got the harvested grain, and said happily: "The current policy is good, our farmers are relaxed, and my sons are working outside. My 15 or 6 acres of wheat can be taken home alone. NS."

  The person in charge of the relevant department in Huangzhong District of Xining City said that the “nanny Tian” allowed the land to enter the “nursery”, effectively solving the practical problems of “who will farm the land” and “how to farm the land” and realized “I’m farming at home, you go out.” The win-win goal of "earning money" accelerates the promotion of large-scale agricultural production and intensive management, which effectively improves the land output rate and the level of mechanized operations, and truly allows farmers to have leisure, money and harvest.