In addition to the conductors on the trains to Brussels, the service employees of NS will also stop working on Wednesday.

As a result, ticket offices will remain closed, disabled travelers can be deprived of the necessary assistance and the timetable can also be confused.

This was announced by the trade unions FNV Spoor and VVMC.

They are thus opposing a proposed reorganization of the carrier, which, according to the union, will result in the loss of almost a third of the 950 jobs and the number of service stations.

NS conductors who travel on the international trains to Brussels announced earlier that they would stop work.

They are dissatisfied with their salary compared to colleagues who travel on other international trains, such as the Thalys and the ICE.

According to NS, the actions of the conductors will certainly lead to nuisance.

For example, travelers may have to deal with delays, canceled trains and longer travel times.

NS announced on Tuesday that travelers can use the service column in the station or call customer service for remote assistance.

According to director Roos Rahimi of FNV Spoor, almost half of the employees have said they will participate in the strike. So-called platform leaders also belong to the service employees; they are in contact with the conductors about the departure of trains. "So that can definitely lead to delays." She also believes that ticket offices will certainly be closed and people will have to do without advice or help from the 'people with the red round caps'.