China News Service, Guangzhou, September 22 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) According to a report from the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism on the 21st, during the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2021, the cultural tourism market in Guangdong province will be operating in a safe and orderly manner, and cultural tourism activities will be colorful, driving holidays. Consumption and the enhanced effect of promoting economic growth.

According to preliminary calculations, during the holidays (September 19-21), the province received a total of 15.887 million tourists.

  According to reports, before the festival, Guangdong hosted the 2021 Guangdong International Tourism Industry Expo, launched the 2021 Guangdong Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference and the Golden Autumn Cultural Tourism Consumption Season, and issued nearly 10 million yuan in cultural tourism consumption subsidies to the public, effectively boosting This has boosted public confidence and expectations, and stimulated consumer demand for cultural tourism.

Gulongxia experience new project "Cliff Speed" Photo by Du Sihua

  During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Guangdong Province’s internal tourism is prosperous. The province’s tourism mainly focuses on local tours and surrounding tours. Rural tourism, self-driving tours, parent-child tours, family visits, and eco-leisure tours are popular among tourists; Combining the traditional cultural characteristics of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the tourism department has launched a series of red tourist destinations and boutique routes, which are sought after by many citizens and tourists; in addition, the colorful online and offline cultural activities to benefit the people meet the public's holiday cultural needs.

  During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, located in Gulong Gorge, Qingyuan, northern Guangdong, its newly launched project, Cliff Speed, was enthusiastically welcomed by tourists.

The cliff car volleyed out from the top of the "Yuntian Boba" and stopped abruptly at the drifting entrance. The track circumnavigated the mountain, spanning 3 peaks, with a total length of 3.8 kilometers, a drop of 163 meters, and a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour.

The entire project is suspended between cliffs and waterfalls, leaping in the canyon jungle, and rushing with the terrain height difference.

With the unique 720° roundabout curve, visitors can experience double drifting "up" to the sky and "down" to the water.

  It is reported that since September, Gulongxia has received more than 40 tourist groups on average every day, and nearly 100 on Saturdays and Sundays.

The number of tourists received during the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival this year reached more than 51,000.

  Zhaoqing has two well-known scenic spots, Dinghu Lake and Xinghu Lake. It is also one of the best places to appreciate the moon in the mountains and the moon in the water since ancient times.

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival, in addition to the local people in Zhaoqing, a large number of citizens from Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, and Dongguan made a special trip to Zhaoqing for a holiday to admire the moon.

From the evening of the 20th, the famous moon-viewing scenic spots in Zhaoqing have been crowded with tourists.

Photo by Zeng Linghua, Piyun Tower, Zhaoqing, Guangdong

  The city of Duanzhou in Zhaoqing under the moon is lit up like daytime, traffic is endless, and the night is intoxicating.

The most popular places for tourists to watch the moon include Xinghu, Jiangjun Mountain, mid-range caravan camp, ancient city wall, Yanqian, Yuejiang Tower, etc.

In Xinghu, people look up at the bright moon in the arch square and arch park, and admire the night view of the star lake, strange rocks, music fountains, and water curtain projections in the fairy landscape of Yuanruo.

  In addition, Foshan Yingxiang Ecological Park has also received a good market passenger flow.

According to Ms. Luo, the person in charge of the scenic spot, the passenger flow was a little flat on September 19, and there was a peak passenger flow on the 20th and 21st. The overall passenger flow reached the passenger flow of the Mid-Autumn Festival of the previous year.

The scenic spot has held themed activities such as viewing lanterns, guessing lantern riddles, throwing pots, and national trends, making it a favorite place for guests to check in.

Foshan Nanhai Silk Factory Sericulture and Silk Weaving Parent-child Study and Handicraft Workshop launched a series of cultural and folk activities, holding cultural themed activities such as lantern making, moon cake DIY, Mid-Autumn Festival folktale creative picture frame, spinning and silk reeling, and were welcomed by parent-child families.