The price for 1 liter of diesel has reached a new record;

the average national suggested retail price is now 1,618 euros.

1 liter of petrol reached a new high five days ago with a price of 1,985 euros per liter.

This is evident from data from UnitedConsumers, which has been tracking prices at the pump for twenty years.

LPG, which is still very little refueled, today costs more than 1 euro per litre.

Fuel prices have been rising for some time in the wake of rising oil prices.

The petrol price will be 1.983 on Wednesday and therefore remains very close to 2 euros per liter.

UnitedConsumers director Paul van Selms says he cannot explain this rapid rise in prices.

"It must be a question of supply and demand. The oil-producing countries know how to keep prices high anyway."

The rise in oil prices started as a result of the rapid recovery of the economy after the initial blow of the corona crisis.

Prices are high, but so are the discounts

Since the beginning of 2021, refueling has already become considerably more expensive.

Records that have been in the books for years are falling at a rapid pace this year.

For example, the record prices for petrol and diesel, which date from 2012. The highest price for LPG dates from 2014.

UnitedConsumers previously announced that prices could rise further and that the limit of 2 euros per liter can also be broken.

That applies to the average national suggested retail price.

There are already gas stations that charge more than 2 euros per liter, just like there are stations that charge much less than the recommended price.

"The suggested retail prices are record high, but so are the discounts given to the pump," concludes Van Selms.