The rise in real estate prices in Germany apparently eased somewhat in August.

This emerges from the Europace house price index, which is based on real estate transactions that have actually been concluded.

Christian Siedenbiedel

Editor in business.

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According to this, the price increase in Germany across the various property categories was more than 1 percent in July, and even significantly higher for existing properties, and in August it had now fallen below this mark, the property platform Europace announced.

Compared to July, the entire price index only increased by 0.89 percent on a monthly basis, but compared to the previous year this still means a significant increase of 13.69 percent.

In July, this twelve-month figure was more than 14 percent.

Building interest rates are increasing again very easily

Stefan Münter, Co-CEO and Board Member of Europace, spoke of “less strong growth” than in the previous months in the condominiums, existing houses and new buildings segments.

In the meantime, building interest rates in Germany have apparently at least increased slightly.

The index of the Internet portal Biallo, which in August had temporarily come to average interest rates for building loans with ten-year fixed interest rates of less than 0.8 percent, is now 0.82 percent.

And the FMH-Finanzberatung index shows a value of 0.79 percent, after 0.77 percent in August.

"Moderate increase" expected in a few months

In other words, a very small increase after building interest rates, which had risen somewhat more sharply in the first half of the year, fell again in July.

The credit broker Interhyp assumes a sideways movement in the short term - in a few months, however, there could be a “moderate” increase.