The German banks have to adjust to a stricter regiment of the supervisory authorities.

Unexpected consequences for banks from the corona pandemic have become less likely and the institutes must therefore expect normal supervisory and regulatory requirements again, said Bundesbank board member Joachim Wuermeling on Wednesday at an event in Frankfurt, according to the speech.

"We will stagger the withdrawal over time and not overwhelm the institutes."

In order to protect the banks from the serious consequences of the Corona crisis, the supervisors had partially softened regulatory requirements.

Value adjustments and loan defaults are lower than feared and the pre-tax results of significant institutions are largely back to pre-pandemic level.

At the same time, thanks to government support, the economic recovery started faster than expected, said Wuermeling.

"After around one and a half years of pandemic, the German banking system is overall in robust shape." Therefore, Wuermeling has now announced an end to the measures.

"The way out of the special measures, back to the regular regulatory measures, is important," said Wuermeling. "Because the Covid-19 crisis in particular has shown how important a solid capital base is, so that banks can remain stable even in a storm, have at least a hand's breadth of water under their keel and be able to stay on course."