“I will not hide that it was somewhat surprising for me that this application was granted ... Although this information (about the approval of the application. -


) is information from PGNiG itself, the Germans have not yet confirmed it.

Probably, they will confirm it in the near future, but it is indicative that Poland itself has time to tell about this before Germany, ”Mitrahovich said.

In his opinion, there may be "certain nuances" here.

For example, as the expert explained, a Polish company may have supervisory powers or advisory powers without a casting vote.

“I do not exclude that the situation may develop this way.

On the whole, of course, it is unpleasant that an outspoken opponent of Nord Stream 2 will be admitted in some kind of status.

I think that the decision will still be made by the German gas regulator.

I think that the main person whom the officials of the Federal Network Agency will listen to will not be Poland, it will be the new government of Germany ... I think that the presence of PGNiG itself will create certain difficulties for us from the point of view that they will prevent bureaucrats from making decisions in favor of the project, they will talk about it in public in every possible way, ”he concluded.

Earlier it was reported that PGNiG received the right to participate in the certification procedure by the Federal Network Agency of Germany of the operator "Nord Stream - 2".

According to PGNiG, the operator Nord Stream 2 AG does not meet the requirements.