Zoho: 68% of companies in the UAE document privacy policies

Haider Nizam, head of Zoho Cup, an international information technology company in the Middle East and Africa, said, "68% of companies in the UAE define and accurately document customer data privacy policies."

He indicated in statements on the sidelines of a press conference held by the company in Dubai yesterday to announce the results of a survey study in the UAE, that "a study conducted by the company "Centuron", for the benefit of "Zoho" and included 255 companies in the country that "38% of the companies surveyed showed no They are completely satisfied with the way their customers’ data is being used by external service providers.”

He added, "The survey revealed that 24% of the companies surveyed have full knowledge of regional data protection laws, and that these companies have a workforce of more than 100 employees. While the companies surveyed, who have online businesses or participate in e-commerce activities Involving payment gateway standardization, they have demonstrated full awareness of data privacy policies, as approvals for payment gateway standardization cannot be obtained without a documented privacy policy in line with these local laws.

He pointed out that "the study surveyed 1,000 companies across different parts of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt."

Ali Shebdar, Regional Director for the Middle East and Africa at Zoho Cup, said, "Despite the growing awareness of a large percentage of consumers about data privacy policies, there are some guidelines that are important to be followed to raise the levels of data privacy protection. Data privacy is about not sharing any personal data on public service sites.

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