Ticket revenue from 695 A-level tourist attractions in Sichuan exceeded 28.45 million yuan

  The continuous fine weather made this year's Mid-Autumn Festival holiday "full of heat".

On the second day of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, holiday tourism ushered in a peak.

The reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Cultural and Tourism Industry Leading Group Office that as of 15:00 on September 20, Sichuan’s 695 A-level tourist attractions included in the statistics had received 2,851,100 tourists and achieved ticket revenue of 28,454,400 yuan, respectively. An increase of 33% and 72.1%.

Among them, 15 5A-level tourist attractions received a total of 190,400 tourists and realized ticket revenue of 9,204,600 yuan.

The number of receptions in some key tourist attractions recovered to 76.23% of the same period in 2019, and ticket revenue increased by 20.41%.

The province's libraries, cultural centers, and museums received a total of 284,300 people, an increase of 9.98% from the 19th.

  Counting the characteristics of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, rural tourism is very popular.

Among the top ten A-level tourist attractions in the province, rural or ancient town tourist attractions account for 70%. Enjoy rural food, enjoy autumn flowers, live in characteristic homestays, and rural tourism activities such as parent-child picking, leisure fishing, and folk customs experience. It has become an important choice for the broad masses of people to relax and vacation.

  At the same time, various offline and online activities were carried out around the theme of "Mid-Autumn Festival".

Leshan City held the "Full Moon Mid-Autumn Festival Jiazhou Tears" theatrical performance, Meishan City Dongpo District held the "Reciting Dongpo Yuepin Dongpo Cake" classic reading intangible cultural heritage parent-child class, Yibin City launched the first phase of 3 million cultural tourism consumption in 2021 Coupon lottery live broadcast event, the launching ceremony of Xuyong County's 2021 Cultural Tourism Consumption Season and Farmers Harvest Festival, Xindu District of Chengdu launches "Guilui Fragrant Fragrant Mid-Autumn Festival"-"Ten Thousands Appreciating the Moon and Reciting Mid-Autumn Festival" online evening party ……The 368 cultural venues included in the statistics of the province have carried out 1,187 online and offline activities.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Correspondent Li Yanqin