At Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in Hokkaido, which has the only sake brewery in Japan, the sake made by students under the guidance of Mr. Toji, a sake brewery, was completed and unveiled on the 21st.

At Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, a sake brewing company in Kamikawa Town opened a sake brewery "Aounzo" last year to brew Japanese sake.

There is only one sake brewery in the university in Japan, and since then, students are working on sake brewing under the guidance of Mr. Mori so that students can learn about sake brewing.

The finished sake was named "Aoun", and on the 21st, it was unveiled to the people concerned after the students put labels on the bottles.

The finished sake is characterized by a refreshing taste, which means that it is easy for people who are not good at sake to drink.

Mizuki Takayama, a fourth-year student who brewed sake, said, "Since it is a sake made by college students, I hope the younger generation will become interested in sake."

Mr. Shinji Kawabata of Mr. Somori said, "I would like to continue to link education and sake brewing."

The sake made by the students will be sold at the university's consumer co-op from early next month.