China News Service, Lanzhou, September 20th, title: Office workers' "landscape atmosphere" sets off a "new national tide" for Mid-Autumn Festival holiday camping

  China News Agency reporter Cui Lin

  On the 20th, during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, a "Guangu Camp" in the outskirts of Lanzhou, which can accommodate hundreds of people, was very lively.

This camping base is composed of various outdoor elements such as tents, lawns, retro canopy, kerosene lamps, bonfires, thermal sleeping bags, etc. Relying on the convenience of self-driving tours around the city, the camping boom spawned, and it has been long-term "landscape" office workers. It is regarded as a "hot style" choice for holiday outings.

  For the past few days, Zhao Peng, the person in charge of "Guangu Camp", started at 7 o'clock in the morning every day to "Zhang Luo" daily outdoor supplies and various ingredients for tourists.

"The seats for the Mid-Autumn Festival were fully booked early. Although there are still an endless stream of reservation calls coming in, but the reservation can only be postponed until the National Day holiday." He told a reporter from China News Agency on the 20th that the reason why the camping activity was so fast "Circle" originates from the urban group's yearning for the beauty of "cool" Chen.

  "When night falls, the sky over the suburbs and mountains is full of stars. I sit outdoors and talk to my family, breathing air that is different from that of the city, not to mention how depressurized." Li Qiang, a clerk in the post-80s office in Lanzhou, is suffering Later, I became obsessed with field exploration. Every weekend, I would choose a camping base around the city with my family and bring my own equipment to go on vacation.

  "The allure of camping is that everyone can set up tents, cook food and decorate temporary'homes' together by themselves..." Li Qiang told a reporter from China News Agency that compared to regular leisure travel and vacations, camping is located on the spot. They prefer outdoor camps, especially those closer to primitive nature and unique night scenery.

In this process, you can also exercise your hands-on ability and discover a different self.

  Coincidentally, the family of Wang Bing, a member of the Gansu TV media, also belongs to the “niche players” who “earlier” outdoor camping.

She believes that outdoor camping is favored by more and more consumers after the epidemic, which can be said to have set off a "new national tide". People are also paying more attention to the "landscape atmosphere" based on the initial focus on field exploration, and the stamina can be expected.

  "With the development of campsites, camping and leisure is slowly moving from niche groups to ordinary people's homes." Zhao Peng believes that the most important thing for the rise of campsites is to enable participants to integrate into and enjoy nature, and ultimately inspire everyone to protect The drive of nature.

  At present, in some developed countries, camping has a fairly complete service system, and it is emerging in China.

A reporter from China News Agency found that with the vigorous development of new tourism methods such as self-driving tours in recent years, camping and leisure vacation tours have become a new tourism consumption hotspot, and the number of registrations of camping-related companies in China has continued to increase.

According to data from Tianyan Check, over 60% of camping-related companies in China were established after 2020.

  Zhao Peng suggested that the future of camping will become more and more formal, and the camping industry needs to bring in more outdoor experts to work with the industry and commerce, fire protection, taxation and other departments to form a more professional regulatory organization. Only in this way can we go further. More stable.

  Since this summer, the "star-catching town" in Minqin County, Wuwei, Gansu Province, located between the Tengger Desert and the Badain Jaran Desert, has also "fired".

Liu Hongxia, a local staff member, said that at night in the town, there are almost 6000 to 8000 stars visible to the naked eye. Visitors can feel the infinite mystery and beauty of living in the Milky Way, walking in the sky, and picking stars. Accumulatively attracted more than 100,000 people to "check in."

  According to industry analysts, the development of the campsite industry will drive the consumption of the RV industry, campsite planning and design, landscaping projects, tents, outdoor products, etc., and stimulate the development of the upstream and downstream industrial chain and related industries; however, it also faces many bottlenecks, such as the impact on participants. The construction of camping grounds still lacks unified standards and so on.