Seniors between the ages of 55 and 65 are increasingly faced with money problems.

This is the opinion of various elderly organizations after an investigation.

This concerns 147,000 households, who often have to survive on a low income for a long time.

The organizations, including ANBO and KBO-PCOB for the elderly, had RegioBank look at the financial position of what they call "young seniors".

This showed that almost 150,000 households in this age group have little income.

That is more than one in ten young seniors.

This concerns an income for single people of EUR 1,090 net per month.

For a couple without children that is 1,530 euros.

The research also shows that 82,000 of the households have had these money problems for years.

This includes people with debts, a low education or a non-Western migration background.

The group is also getting bigger and bigger.

In 2015, 9.4 percent of young seniors had to live on a low income.

The most recent figures, from 2019, show that the percentage has increased to 10.3.

According to the researchers, the problems are less severe in other age groups.

Of the people living on a low income, 27.1 percent are between the ages of 55 and 65, while this group only makes up 18.9 percent of the total population.

The organizations therefore want politics to intervene. For example, they want the outgoing cabinet to abandon plans to reduce benefits for this age group. In addition, it should be easier for this group to receive benefits if they are unable to work. The income of a partner should also weigh less heavily when determining the amount of the social assistance benefit.