CCTV News:

Come pay attention to the 14th National Games.

On the 19th, the National Games ushered in the fourth competition day after the opening, rowing, swimming, weightlifting, karate and other events produced multiple gold medals.

Among them, athletes who participated in the Tokyo Olympics performed well.

In the women's 87 kg weightlifting competition, Li Wenwen won the championship with a huge advantage of 18 kg ahead of the second place.

  The current National Games also insisted on green hosting.

The opening ceremony on the evening of the 15th was full of brilliance and brilliant lights. Behind the brilliant lights was the help of the "green electricity" channel.

All the competition venues in the National Games will use wind and solar power. In order to help the "green" National Games, 41 new energy power generation companies in Shaanxi Province reached an agreement with 59 competition venues, and the electricity volume was 138 million kWh. It is expected to reduce coal burning by 69,000 tons and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 111,700 tons.