Canal de Isabel II has seen its commercial telephone service suspended as a result of a cyberattack on its contact center service provider GSS (Grupo Covisian), which, when asked about it by EL MUNDO, explained that the incident dates back to last Saturday , September 18.

"The cyberattack, from the point of view of data protection, has not affected any of our clients to date. As a preventive measure against the cyberattack and in order to guarantee data protection,

the services

that could be affected ", they have expressed from Grupo Covisian in view of the publication on social networks that the Channel has made, in which it referred to other means of contact so that its users could contact the public company. "Our commercial telephone service has been suspended", reads the message that can be read on Instagram.

As Vozpopuli has advanced, Covisian provides

contact center services

to the Canal, as well as to other companies such as Vodafone or MásMóvil, which according to EL MUNDO would not have been impacted by this attack, unlike Canal de Isabel II.

Specifically, it is a process of

encryption of information and extortion

that involves the request for a ransom to decrypt said data, although in this case they would not have been uncovered.

This service provider is following "each and every one of the steps of the security protocol to guarantee the recovery of the service with total security as soon as possible", they assure from GSS to EL MUNDO.

The telephone service of Canal Isabel II is thus paralyzed as a result of this



cyberattack, a cyberattack that has suspended its commercial telephone service.



is a type of malware that does not allow access to the system or files, so what cyber criminals for ransom.

In this case, it is



, which manages to encrypt files at high speed and automatically.



is a formula extortion now represents 46% of cyber attacks

, according to Cisco.

A recent report by the technology consultancy Unit 42 warned that the average payment after a



increased by 82% in the first half of 2021, to a record figure of $ 570,000 (around 484,700 euros), an extortion of which already companies such as Colonial Pipeline have yielded in incidents of global notoriety.

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