The cryptocurrency market remains under pressure.

On Tuesday night, the rate of the oldest and most famous digital currency, Bitcoin, fell to around $ 40,200.

Just a few days ago, the largest crypto investment by market value had cost almost $ 10,000 more.

On Tuesday morning, the Bitcoin price rallied to around $ 42,600.

Other digital values ‚Äč‚Äčalso remained under pressure.

The second largest Internet currency, ether, cost around $ 3,000 on Tuesday morning after slipping to a good $ 2,800 during the night.

At the beginning of September, an ether cost just under $ 4,000.

The market value of all currently around 12,000 crypto assets was around $ 1.8 trillion on Tuesday.

At the weekend it was almost $ 400 billion more.

The trigger for the sharp price losses are worries about the financial problems of the large real estate developer Evergrande from China.

In the financial markets, one wonders what effects this could have for the Chinese economy and beyond in the event of a deterioration.

The real estate sector makes up a significant part of the Chinese economy.

Digital investments like Bitcoin are a comparatively young asset class, some of which are subject to extreme price fluctuations. They are therefore considered to be very risky financial investments that suffer particularly badly from a bad mood in the financial markets.