Holiday consumption beware of marketing routines

  The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are approaching, and the consumer market is booming.

At the same time, various marketing routines have also appeared, making people hard to guard against.

  Taking moon cakes as an example, some unscrupulous merchants hyped up concepts and made gimmicks, and some consumption traps appeared.

The Consumers Association reminds you not to believe in propaganda such as "sweet-free, fat-free, additive-free, and preservative-free" when buying mooncakes, and to be vigilant about categories such as "healthy mooncakes", "slimming mooncakes", and "healthy mooncakes". Some mooncakes claim Added "shark fin, bird's nest, sea cucumber" and so on, the price is very high, deviating from the original intention of holiday consumption, the relevant state departments have never approved health-care moon cakes.

In fact, festival consumption is highly respected, which stems from people's emotional sustenance of traditional culture and special festivals. This simple emotion should not be over-commercially developed and abused indefinitely.

  Businesses often use old routines, but there are many new recruits.

Consumers must remain highly vigilant regarding various prepaid exchange routines.

Take "paper crabs" as an example. Around the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, it is the peak season for hairy crabs to go on sale, and many people rush to buy crab coupons in advance.

However, in actual consumption, they are faced with the embarrassing situation of "a coupon is in hand, crabs are hard to find", or if they eventually receive crabs who are short of money, the cost of complaining about rights protection is very high.

Faced with the various prepaid recharge activities launched by merchants on festivals, consumers must understand the merchant’s reputation as necessary, handle it according to their actual needs, and carefully read the contract terms and clarify the use period and conditions of the prepaid card to prevent it from appearing Unnecessary losses.

  In the face of dazzling publicity, consumers should not be confused by the so-called "special price."

Some businesses frequently attract consumers with "explosive models" and "special prices".

On the live delivery platform, from time to time there will be publicity such as "the lowest price on the whole network", which attracts some consumers to watch and place orders.

Consumers must maintain a sober and sensible approach to promotion.

  Holiday consumption must not follow the trend and blindly. Consumers should follow their actual needs when shopping. They should not be greedy for cheap purchases and hoarding, or impulsive consumption due to product discounts, resulting in expired or wasted products, which will not pay off in the end.

  People do not stand without credibility, and industry does not thrive without credibility.

For businesses, the word "integrity" must be kept in mind so that they can go further.

  Guo Cunju