Travel organization TUI Netherlands has evacuated a few dozen guests who stayed in a hotel on La Palma in connection with the volcanic eruption there.

That is what a TUI spokesperson told when asked.

In total, TUI has about two hundred Dutch holidaymakers on the Canary Island who have booked a package holiday and a few more who have only booked a ticket.

"Most guests are in hotels that are not affected by the eruption," said the spokesman.

Guests had to leave one hotel on the side of the island where the volcano is also located.

"Because the access roads were in danger of being blocked," the spokesperson explains.

Those people have been accommodated in other hotels.

According to TUI, there is no real nuisance for the other holidaymakers.

"The local authorities have called on people not to go on the road in the direction of the volcano. Those roads must be kept clear."

People who are still going on holiday with TUI to La Palma can just do that.

"Whoever would stay in that one hotel will be rebooked to another accommodation."

Holidaymakers who would go but no longer want to, can rebook in consultation with the tour operator.

"But we haven't heard those sounds yet."

Also, no people have yet reported who are on La Palma but now want to return.

TUI flies to La Palma on Wednesday and Sunday in combination with Tenerife.

"Those flights will continue", the TUI spokesperson concludes.

"La Palma airport is still open."