Regarding the Bank of Japan's Tankan = Corporate Short-term Economic Observation Survey announced on October 1, there are many views that the improvement of economic judgment will be stopped in the manufacturing industry of large companies, according to private sector forecasts.

According to the forecasts of 15 companies such as private think tanks, the median economic judgment index of large companies is +13 points, which is an improvement compared to the previous June survey of +14 points. Many people think that they will take a break.

The main reason for this is that parts procurement has been delayed due to the spread of mutant viruses in Southeast Asia, and production has been reduced one after another among automobile manufacturers with a wide base.

In addition, the non-manufacturing industry of large companies is also expected to deteriorate slightly due to the continuing severe business environment centered on the service industry such as eating and drinking and accommodation due to the spread of mutant viruses in Japan.