"Mini" mooncakes are popular

   Dietitian: "Slimming" mooncakes are healthier

  Wuhan Evening News (Reporter Wang Chunlan, Correspondent Jiang Hongying, Chen Shu) Traditional mooncakes have a "weight" above 80 grams. This year, many mooncakes have quietly "slimened", weighing only about 50 grams.

In this regard, the nutritionist said: "Slimming" mooncakes are more in line with the concept of health.

  Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the citizen Ms. Chen found in shops and online shops that many brands have launched small mooncakes this year: the size is about the size of an egg, the weight is about 50 grams, and it can be eaten in two or three bites.

“The moon cakes I bought last year were bigger than this. I couldn’t finish them all by myself, and I felt greasy. I threw them away and worried about wasting. This year these small moon cakes are quite good and look more delicate.” Ms. Chen ordered a box. Assorted flavors of moon cakes, 8 moon cakes total only 435 grams.

  The reporter found that mooncakes were not only “weight-loss” but also less calories: one brand launched fruit-filled mooncakes, which claimed to be “60% sugar reduction”; another brand launched multi-grain mooncakes, which can reduce food calories; The brand simply promotes sugar-free moon cakes.

  Fu Juan, director of the Nutrition Department of Wuhan Third Hospital, analyzed that in the past, moon cakes were used as seasonal foods and were often given as gifts to relatives and friends. Manufacturers often believed that making moon cakes larger and using more materials would be more effective in giving gifts. People's minds.

  However, the raw materials for the production of moon cakes include flour, oil, and sugar, which themselves contain a lot of fat and sugar. Traditional moon cake fillings such as lotus paste, egg yolk, red bean paste, etc. are also high-sugar ingredients. Excessive intake will cause obesity risks. It may also cause fluctuations in blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids, which may bring risks to people who suffer from endocrine and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and hyperlipidemia.

  In recent years, moon cakes have become smaller in volume, and they have begun to focus on reducing calories, which is more in line with modern people's health concepts.