China News Service, Guangzhou, September 19 (Reporter Fang Weibin) The first Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Shopping Festival, 800,000 Greater Bay Area merchants linked together, and nearly 300,000 Bay Area brands were grouped on the "cloud". China News Service reporters have come for days After interviewing a number of participating merchants, it was found that the sales situation of beauty, food, and home appliances is optimistic.

Among them, a number of "national tide" brands are very popular, and domestic brands are popular overseas.

  The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, known as the first bay of China’s economy, has 56,000 square kilometers and a population of more than 80 million. The total economic volume created by 2020 will exceed RMB 11 trillion, which is equivalent to less than 0.6% of the country’s area. Created 12% of the country's GDP, more than a medium-sized economy.

  As China’s most economically active region, although the current COVID-19 epidemic has hindered people’s communication to a certain extent, it has not been able to “drain” people’s enthusiasm for online shopping. This time the Greater Bay Area Shopping Festival fully demonstrated the strength of the Bay Area. Consumption power.

  According to data released by Alibaba, the organizer of the event, on Taobao Tmall, the number of brands and sales volume in the Bay Area ranks first in the country, and it leads the consumption and lifestyle of Chinese people.

The reporter noticed that some new brands and new products have a strong "national tide" atmosphere and become the first choice for "Gen Z" young people to shop.

  Products with strong "tide" flavors attach great importance to "appearance".

The brand "Perfect Diary" from Guangzhou uses Guochao as its creative inspiration. The eye shadow "Red-crowned Crane Plate" is beautifully designed and is loved by young consumers.

The person in charge of its brand told reporters that they have observed that the core group of makeup consumers is getting younger, and the new generation of consumer groups generally have a high acceptance of domestic brands.

  The person in charge of the brand emphasized that the consumer-centric product development concept and process of "Perfect Diary" requires the team to continue to innovate.

In recent years, the exchanges of fashion talents in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area have become more frequent. Designers from Hong Kong and Macau have made great strides in the Mainland.

The person in charge of the brand said that the "Perfect Diary" parent company Yixian e-commerce already has many employees from Hong Kong and Macao, and Hong Kong and Macao talents have joined, which has helped brand design and promotion. In addition, the Greater Bay Area cosmetics industry cluster is large. The complete upstream and downstream supporting facilities have boosted the rise of a number of domestic beauty brands.

  Like beauty products, domestic products such as mobile phones, apparel, home appliances, and home appliances have seen hot sales.

According to Alibaba, daily necessities, smart home appliances, residential furniture and national fashion apparel are the three major categories of "Taobao 618" going overseas this year.

Among them, the sales of residential furniture increased by 60% year-on-year. Creative domestic designer brands are very popular in Hong Kong, and sales overseas have doubled.

  During the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Shopping Festival, Guangdong local home furnishing brands launched various activities.

Home furnishing brand Piano launched home improvement design benefits. Ms. Tan, the head of its brand, told reporters that “Piano” pays special attention to product design, and it has combined with well-known domestic designers to create home furnishing products with a national trend style and are welcomed.

  Home furnishing brand Haolaike launched the "Great Bay Area to send Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, save salary and buy trendy homes" activity.

When the reporter visited the Guangzhou factory of Hao Laike, he saw that the merchants were rushing to make order products, and one set of customized home furnishing products were packaged and sent to the whole country.

  The reporter found that Guochao has become a key word for home furnishing brands going overseas.

Li Longrun, manager of the brand marketing department of Goodlake, told the reporter of China News Agency that Goodlake has continued to make efforts in the national trend in recent years. Design and manufacture in pet breeding, sports and fitness.

  Li Longrun introduced that in addition to its own designer team, Haolaike also cooperates with overseas designers to upgrade its brand with the concept of "tide brand".

Haolaike also continues to expand into Hong Kong, Macau and overseas markets.

Recently, the flagship store of Horace's distributor in Macau has also been put into use.

  In addition, during the Greater Bay Area Shopping Festival, 6 million products will be directly supplied to Hong Kong and Macau, and Hong Kong and Macau consumers can enjoy discounts and services such as free shipping, next-day delivery, and next-day delivery.