Conductors of NS International have announced that they will go on strike on Wednesday on the route to Brussels.

There will be no trains from Amsterdam to the Belgian capital that day, according to FNV Spoor.

The railway staff already reported last week that they would take action, but at the time did not say when the strike would take place.

The conductors stop working out of dissatisfaction with the working conditions.

They say they are paid less than, for example, conductors who work on the Thalys.

A final offer by the NS, which, among other things, promised more wages, was voted down by the unions.

The promotion starts in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday just after midnight and lasts 24 hours.

"We understand very well that we are hurting travelers with this action, but the management of NS International gives us and our members no other choice," said Henri Janssen of FNV Spoor.

The unions have announced that if NS does not make a better offer, new actions will not be ruled out.