A program that provides free workspace for two years and facilitates access to financing

“District 2020” opens the door to applying to “Skill2Dubai” for entrepreneurship

  • District 2020 represents a living laboratory that encourages joint action.

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District 2020 has announced the opening of applications for its global entrepreneurship program “Scale2Dubai”, which aims to attract emerging projects and small companies, foremost of which are projects and companies that are still in the initial investment financing or establishment stage, and which correspond to the sectors that “District” focuses on. 2020”.

This program will provide winning companies with a free workspace for two years, support in establishing their businesses and instructions to help them expand, in addition to facilitating their access to financing, deal flow, networking opportunities and communication with major international companies.

Through its ecosystem and community that stimulate multilateral innovation, District 2020 will be a city of the future, people-centered, and a living laboratory that encourages joint work and communication between startups, SMEs, residents, government agencies, academic institutions, and multinational companies.

chances of success

The Skil2Dubai program, which forms an essential part of this system, has started receiving applications;

It will provide emerging projects and small companies with the best chances of success, by providing a lot of unique features that will help these projects to enter the local market easily, and start from Dubai easily.

The program is based on providing support that is not associated with the ownership of shares, and will accept each year between 80 and 100 companies, and it is planned to select the first batch during the last weeks of the “Expo 2020 Dubai” activities, which is being held for the first time in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region.

global center

District 2020 will constitute an evolution of the Expo 2020 Dubai site, which will host the activities of the international event over a period of six months from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. The smart city will be a global center attracting many diverse companies and institutions, facilitating cooperation between different sectors, and providing Systems that accelerate business and support innovation.

The launch of District 2020, in itself, will bring immediate benefit to the selected companies, and will be a catalyst for the rapid success of emerging projects, thanks to important factors including facilitating regulations, incentives, international partnerships, and opening channels of communication between leaders of different sectors and policy makers to support their needs and empower them. To achieve more growth and flexibility.

cooperation and financing

Tala Al-Ansari, Director of the Innovation System Department and Skill2Dubai, said: “With the Skill2Dubai program, start-ups and small businesses will have the opportunity to cooperate with major companies, government agencies, business accelerators and universities in District 2020 and will also have access to various financing institutions, to support its growth plans.

She continued: "I encourage startups and small businesses owners to join our community and benefit from an environment that constitutes a living laboratory that enables them to review their current solutions, attract deals, and collaborate to create new solutions in our community, to meet global challenges and achieve a positive and meaningful impact."

perfect environment

District 2020 will be an ideal environment for the work of small companies and emerging projects, and an added value that contributes to their success, in light of the presence of a number of prominent international companies in various fields, such as Siemens, Terminus Technologies, and DP World.

District 2020 aims to attract the best international talents in the “Skill2Dubai” program through its cooperation with the “Global Entrepreneurship Network” to attract the first and second batches of applicants to the program.

It also benefits from its work with 13 partners and institutions interested in empowering small and medium-sized companies in various markets, to attract applicants to its program from all continents of the world.

international jury

The Scale2Dubai program is currently accepting applications for participation from start-ups and local, regional and international small businesses, through the District 2020 website: https://www.district2020.ae/scale2dubai.

The applications that qualify for the final stage in January 2022 will be subject to evaluation by a jury of 50 international personalities with extensive technical experience in various fields, and the names of the first batch of companies and projects selected to join the program will be announced at the end of the Expo 2020 Dubai activities, before it is transferred Between 80 and 100 companies from different countries of the world to their assigned workspaces no later than October 2022.

Experimenting with future technologies

The “District 2020” system is specifically designed to stimulate innovation, by making people the focus of the smart city of the future, and building a society that can enhance cooperation between rapidly growing sectors to the maximum degree.

District 2020 focuses on key sectors, including smart logistics, smart transportation, fourth industrial revolution technologies and smart cities, as part of a strategy specially prepared for the future, to make this smart city of great importance to those interested in the fields of artificial intelligence, 3D printing and block chains. (Blockchain) and the Internet of Things.

District 2020 seeks to be the first vital laboratory in the Gulf region to test innovative solutions and future technologies.

Each year, the program will accept between 80 and 100 companies.

Launching District 2020 will bring immediate benefits to the selected companies, and will be a catalyst for the success of projects.

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