I thought that "it is love to defeat the black magic." In the game, "Krypton can defeat the black magic"


  "Do you believe in magic?" This is the first question the player asks in the opening animation of the new mobile game "Harry Potter: Magic Awakening" (hereinafter referred to as "Magic Awakening") launched by NetEase Games.

  This brand new game is not only this "problem". The mobile game created with the "Harry Potter" IP was highly anticipated by book fans and public players at the beginning, but after being experienced by the players, negative news emerged one after another: one side is fans Tucao The game has a lot of krypton gold links, which makes players annoying; on the other hand, people in the game industry complained about the ambitious "Harry Potter" IP, which was designed as a card game, which is too simple and wastes IP resources.

  Because of the strong fan base of "Harry Potter" IP, its adapted game product should have received a good transcript, but why is it that fans are the first after the NetEase game's “money” operation? Disappointed in "Harry Potter" for the second time?

Hot screen at the beginning of the launch

  What's the expectation that the score is deteriorating

  In early September, many friends who played games have swiped into such a circle of friends, a screenshot of a phone number starting with "95", with the text: "Finally received the school opening notice!" At first, the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily returned I thought it was a mysterious business call. Later I realized that it was a wave of marketing by NetEase Games for "Magic Awakening", restoring the plot of "Harry Potter", allowing players to receive "admission notice", the background music of the call or the movie The theme song "Hedwig Variations" in "Hedwig Variations", once "Did you receive a call from Hogwarts?" was also on Weibo hot search.

  Many netizens happily "go to school", but did not expect to take the initiative to "drop out" after a few days of trial play. The main reason is that this game is too simple and expensive!

  According to public data, "Magic Awakening" received 15 million reservations the day before it went live. On the first day it went live, over 500,000 players had downloaded it on the entire platform.

After the launch, the wind reviews quickly reversed. In the App Store, the full score of the game was 5 points, and the score of "Magic Awakening" was still 4.6 points on September 10; after the number of reviewers rose to 57,000 on September 19, the score Soon it fell to 4.1 points.

In the game community TapTap, the perfect score is 10 points, and 21,000 people commented on the game, with a score of only 6.1 points.

The decline in scores and the hot discussion from fans all reflect that this game is not satisfactory.

 Content form is referred to as monotonous

  Hot search on "gift box incident"

  From the perspective of game mode, "Magic Awakening" chooses more popular card games and RPG games. The core gameplay is "automatic charging + card formation", and combat elements are added, but it still takes the "krypton gold" of NetEase games. Mode (Note: Krypton Gold, formerly "Class Fee", refers to the payment of fees, specifically refers to the behavior of recharging in online games).

After experiencing the game, the reporter felt that the card drawing mechanism also meant that the unforgivable spells such as "Avada Suomen" could be used on the first day of enrollment. It was used well in duels, and it was more likely to be on campus. Encounter various spirits everywhere, summon legendary creatures at will, and frequently enter and exit the depths of the Forbidden Forest.

Many netizens ridiculed: "The core theme of "Harry Potter" is'Love is to defeat the black magic', and the theme of "Magic Awakening" is'Only krypton gold can defeat the black magic'."

  As we all know, card drawing games are "heavy krypton" games. It stands to reason that players have already been mentally prepared.

  But recently, "the Harry Potter mobile game 148 yuan gift box was accused of false propaganda" on Weibo hot search.

According to "Beijing Business Daily" reports, many players complained that the 148 yuan gold satin luxury gift box in the "Magic Awakening" mobile game had false propaganda and induced consumption.

According to the display on the purchase interface of the gift box, the gift box includes a variety of bonus items that are usually difficult to obtain, such as "sniffing", "Avadasuo life spell card" and so on.

However, after purchasing the gift box, consumers find that they can immediately own the skin, not the item.

If you want to get the props on the promotion page of the gift box, you need to reach level 100 to get it.

Many consumers called out "I want to refund the money", "I feel that 148 yuan is spent in vain."

  Not only is there the problem of concealing the concept being suspected of false propaganda, but also the slow delivery of gift boxes and the difficulty of refunding have also been complained by many players.

On September 17, the official Weibo of the "Magic Awakening" mobile game announced that some players have misunderstandings and that the gift box rewards need to be unlocked one by one by completing assignments.

At the same time, the official platform also stated that the game interface does have a problem with insufficient clarity.

The company first expressed its sincere apologies for this, and optimized the interface content to make the expression clearer.

In addition, all the consumers who have purchased the gift box will be compensated-all wizards who purchase the luxury gift box in the first month will add random legendary items; the price limit of not upgrading the gift box for 24 hours has been cancelled, and an item worth 700 yuan will be added as an excess compensate.

 Game highlights are lackluster

  Insufficient playability

  In this regard, game planner Zhang Yan said bluntly: "Netease games are too ugly! With such a huge world view of "Harry Potter" and multi-axis narrative, it is obvious that the card game mode is selected. The money goes." After experiencing the experience, a reporter from the Beiqing Daily found that the mode of "Magic Awakening" is a combination of card games and mini games. Although there are many types of gameplay, most of them are entry-level, and the depth of playability and interest is obvious. Insufficient; its gameplay is only to increase the number of users sign-in and check-in, with the purpose of increasing the user's online time, and there is no innovation in game content; under the background of the stage beauty and animation that reach the industry's qualified line, its bright spots are pitiful.

  Hao Chunyang, the manager of the game media, told reporters: "Players are pursuing the ultimate game experience and model innovation, especially the requirements for big IP content are more demanding. NetEase suspects that the operation of "changing soup without changing medicine" can not promote industry progress. It’s hard to call it a big game company. I hope that the “Krypton Gold” game will not become the mainstream of the industry! Nor will the next “skin-changing game” appear.”

Some card settings are free

  Subvert the original values

  For game manufacturers, it must have spent a lot of resources and funds to win the game adaptation rights of a big IP such as "Harry Potter".

But as the principal Dumbledore said in the original novel of "Harry Potter", "It is not your ability but your choice that determines who you become."

The adaptation after getting the IP requires care and love.

  "Harry Potter" has always promoted the values ​​of punishing evil, promoting good and justice, and will surely defeat evil. Some of the card settings in "Magic Awakening" are thought to have subverted "Harry Potter" by some players. Basic worldview.

Some players joked that "I can't tell if I am a student at Hogwarts or a Death Eater."

The reporter understands that this is mainly due to the fact that the unforgivable spell of "Avada Sui" is defined as a legendary card in the game, and players can use it in the game as much as possible without any grade threshold-and "Avada Sui" "Mingming" is listed as a forbidden curse in the novel.

In this regard, entertainment marketing manager Hu Yang said bluntly: "For game adaptation, the unforgivable curse is not unforgivable, but it requires developers to reasonably present it in the game on the basis of respecting the values ​​of the original and the emotions of fans, rather than abuse it. . Don’t wear magic cloak and run counter to the original worldview."

 Industry Observation

  IP adaptation is still the focus of game manufacturers' layout

  In the game field, on the one hand, there is a law that it is difficult for literature and film IP to be adapted into a game. On the other hand, domestic game manufacturers have been favoring IP for a long time.

As early as 2015, IP adaptation games ushered in an explosion, and major manufacturers have adapted animations and novels into mobile games.

The "Mobile Game IP Market Development Report" shows that in 2020, the revenue of mobile games adapted from IP exceeds 100 billion yuan for the first time, and IP is still an important driving force supporting the growth of the domestic mobile game market.

  On the one hand, it costs a lot of money to buy it, and on the other hand, it’s hard to make an explosion of IP adaptations. So why are game makers still willing to spend money to buy IP?

Game planner Ye Wei told reporters, “Currently, games adapted from big IPs in China are hardly adapted in a real sense, and the overall performance is not as good as original games. The reason why game manufacturers are still willing to spend money to buy IP is mainly because of the value of IP traffic. But in fact, there are a lot of constraints on buying literature and film and television IP: if you don’t innovate when adapting, it is often difficult to form more experience, if it is too innovative, it is difficult to guarantee faithful content. Moreover, games need a grand, mesh world, players An immersive experience is required. This requires innovation, which is difficult for games adapted from big IP."

  From the perspective of the game market, IP-based games are still the focus of major game manufacturers.

This year, Tencent Games announced 21 IP games at the annual conference; Netease Games also has 15 IP games; Perfect World also introduced classic IP adaptations such as "Zhu Xian" and "Tian Long Ba Bu" at the strategy conference.

  Yes, IP is a weapon for businesses to make money, but for players, IP carries a youthful memory and has an irreplaceable weight. It is the bottom line that classics should not be destroyed. They just want to say "I hope the next individual will disappoint us too much." !"

  Text/Reporter Wang Lei Coordinating/Liu Jianghua