China News Service, Changsha, September 18 (Reporter Zhang Xu) On September 16, the first Beidou Scale Application International Summit Central Enterprise Beidou Development Forum was held in Changsha.

How to help the development of Beidou industry?

  The National Fourteenth Five-Year Plan and the 2035 long-term goal outline clearly stated that “deepen the promotion and application of the Beidou system, promote the high-quality development of the Beidou industry”, and implement the “Beidou industrialization” major project, which puts forward new demands and new requirements for the construction and development of Beidou. Opportunities and new challenges.

The venue of the first Beidou Scale Application International Summit.

Photo by Chinanews reporter Zhang Xu

  In recent years, more than 200 state-owned enterprises have worked together to make breakthroughs in a series of key core technologies, develop Beidou satellites, ensure on-orbit network formation, build ground-based operation control and ground-based satellite-based augmentation systems, and successfully complete Beidou-3 construction tasks.

The central enterprises have also promoted the innovative application of Beidou-3 in industries, regions and mass consumption, carried out demonstrations in agricultural machinery, railways, large aircraft, energy and other industries, and initiated the construction of the Beidou space-time data service platform.

  In order to better consolidate the strength of central enterprises and promote the development of Beidou industry, in May 2020, the central enterprise Beidou Industry Cooperative Development Platform (hereinafter referred to as the "central enterprise Beidou Platform") was established.

In June 2021, the "Three-year Action Plan for the Development of the Central Enterprise Beidou (2021-2023)" was issued.

In the future, state-owned enterprises will further strengthen integrated applications, focus on the implementation of the national Beidou development strategy, and strengthen coordinated development.

  The reporter learned from the forum that since the establishment of the central enterprise Beidou platform in 2020, it has continuously created a good environment for mutual assistance and cooperation, and has gathered more than 70 units from 53 central enterprises.

  Zhou Jian, chairman unit of the central enterprise Beidou platform, director of China North Industries Group, and deputy party secretary, introduced that the central enterprise Beidou platform actively participated in the demonstration of the national Beidou industry development plan, supported the compilation of the central enterprise Beidou development three-year action plan; constructed a typical case for the development of the central enterprise Beidou The database and application demand database provide strong support for the demonstration of the Beidou industry development plan for national strategic industries and key areas; organize central enterprises to successfully apply for a number of Beidou major special application demonstration projects; undertake activities such as the China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference Central Enterprise Beidou Application Achievement Exhibition, In promoting the development of the national Beidou industry, the responsibility and responsibility of central enterprises have been demonstrated.

  Yang Changfeng, member of the China Satellite Navigation System Committee and chief designer of Beidou satellite navigation system engineering, proposed at the forum that central enterprises should closely focus on the major needs of my country’s economic transformation and social development, and closely integrate the requirements of central enterprises’ digital transformation and development, and make the central enterprise Beidou bigger, stronger and better. Platform, strengthen industry chain collaboration, promote the coordinated development of technology, standards, and capital, and work together to build a good development ecology for Beidou applications. (over)