China News Service, Jinan, September 18 (Lu Yan) The Jiuqu Yellow River, flowing eastward from Dongming County, Heze City, enters Shandong, enters the sea in Kenli District, Dongying City, and flows through 9 cities in Shandong.

In recent years, the cities along the Yellow River in Shandong have seized the opportunities for high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, and while paying attention to ecological protection, they have been on the "fast lane" of development.

Shandong Hualing Cable Co., Ltd. independently developed thin-wall insulated locomotive cables, breaking the monopoly of foreign products.

Photo by Lu Yan

  Number "gathering" support cluster effect highlights

  In Jinan, Shandong, the Shandong big data industry base is under construction. As an important carrier for Jinan to build a big data industry cluster, the big data industry base will achieve a 100 billion-level industrial scale and incubate 500 big data companies.

  "At present, a big data gathering area centered on Qilu Software Park has been formed in Jinan, with more than 2,000 companies gathering. The entire industry scale accounts for 65% of Jinan, and the industry clustering is relatively obvious." Jinan High-tech Zone Qilu Software Park Development Center Industry Development Department Minister Peng Shaoyi introduced that the enterprises in the park have implemented application and promotion in nearly 20 fields such as smart government affairs, transportation, energy, etc., forming an industrial ecology from data collection, storage, cleaning, analysis and application to transactions.

  Peng Shaoyi said that the big data base gathers universities, scientific research institutes, and R&D institutions to jointly overcome the key technologies of big data applications; build a big data public support platform, talent service system, financial service system, and innovation and entrepreneurship service system to empower the big data industry ecology; Headquarters companies, industry chain-related companies, and trading platforms have realized the focused development of the big data industry. An international big data eco-city with "politics, industry, academia, research, finance, service, and use", a full-cycle integration of elements has taken shape.

  In Binzhou, Shandong, Bohai Science and Technology City has also achieved industrial clustering. The Science and Technology City has built “eight centers” for exhibition and trading, academic exchanges, creative design, inspection and testing, data consulting, equipment sharing, human resources, and business services. Integrating the development of “business, learning, research, housing and service”, relying on the development needs of local industries, attracting enterprises and research institutes to settle in, multi-faceted and comprehensive integrated development, to help local high-quality development.

  “Bohai Science and Technology City is not only a vivid practice of Binzhou’s implementation of the Yellow River strategy, but also a major innovative measure launched by the high-quality ecological protection and high-quality development strategy of the Yellow River Basin.” According to Sun Xuesen, Party Secretary and Director of Binzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Binzhou is in Bohai Science and Technology City. , Three-dimensional layout of science and education resources, the purpose is to create an innovative source of regional high-quality development.

In the factory of Baolingbao Biological Co., Ltd., automated equipment is producing erythritol.

Photo by Lu Yan

  Break the foreign technology monopoly and extend the downstream industry chain

  Taking Jinan as an example, Shandong Hualing Cable Co., Ltd. is one of the private enterprises actively participating in the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin.

"Metro and high-speed rail cables are anti-friction, light weight, and stable. For example, when trains travel from Shanghai to Jiamusi, from high temperature to low temperature, the company independently developed thin-wall insulated locomotive cables, breaking the monopoly of foreign products." Shandong Hualing Cable Co., Ltd. The company’s party branch secretary Wang Hongjun said that in the past, high-speed rail cables adopted EU standards, and now China’s subways and high-speed rail cables have basically achieved localization, and they have been applied to subways in Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan and Qingdao.

  According to Wang Zhaobo, general manager of Shandong Hualing Cable Co., Ltd., Hualing Cable took the opportunity of transforming Shandong’s new and old kinetic energy to leverage the R&D advantages of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus to build a Sino-Belarusian industrial park for new materials and intelligent manufacturing. Taking the lead in green and intelligent manufacturing of materials, we will build the fourth-generation intelligent industrial park with the most distinctive operating mode in Shandong, and form the upstream and downstream industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing.

  In Binzhou, Shandong, Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group is currently extending from the upstream aluminum industry to the downstream market application field, is building a lightweight base, deploying auto parts manufacturing, and realizing the transformation from "entrepreneurship" to "innovation".

Yu Chengbin, technical director of Weiqiao Lightweight Materials Co., Ltd., said that Weiqiao Group chose the transition path of automobile lightweight when extending from upstream aluminum production to downstream, because whether it is traditional cars or new energy vehicles, there are urgent reductions. Focus on demand, so as to meet the ever-increasing energy-saving and consumption-reducing policy requirements.

At the same time, the standard system of the automobile industry is more mature, and industry regulations and development trends are more clear.

  Yu Chengbin estimates that the total weight of the all-aluminum small logistics vehicle manufactured by the company is only 156 kg, which is about 40% lighter than the traditional steel body. It can effectively increase the weight of 3%-5% when mounted on a pure electric vehicle. With a cruising range, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by about 0.6 liters per 100 kilometers, and carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 1350 grams.

  In Yucheng, Dezhou, known as the "Chinese Functional Sugar City", the city's annual comprehensive production capacity of the functional sugar industry accounts for 80% of the domestic market and 35% of the international market.

Li Xia, vice president of Baolingbao Biological Co., Ltd., said that Baolingbao was one of the first enterprises in China to realize the industrialized production of oligosaccharides. The erythritol added to many brands of beverages was supplied by its R&D and production base.

According to reports, Baolingbao was founded in 1997 and is the first to realize the industrialized production of oligosaccharides in China. The industrial chain has been extended to cover biological manufacturing, health food, import and export, feed, testing services and other fields.

  From industry gathering to form synergy to continuously breaking through foreign technology monopolies, extending upstream and downstream industrial chains, and building leading enterprises in various industries in the domestic market, the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, medical and health care, biopharmaceuticals and other ten billion-dollar industries are in Shandong is developing vigorously, and the cities along the Yellow River in Shandong have raised high-quality development "leaders". (over)