Presents its efforts to protect the environment and preserve biodiversity

4 documentaries for "Abu Dhabi Environment" at "Expo 2020 Dubai"

  • The films will provide an opportunity to delve into the sciences and wonders of Abu Dhabi's marine and terrestrial environment.


  • Sheikha Al Dhaheri: “I am very proud of our team that produced these documentaries, and I trust that our audience will appreciate this wonderful effort and enjoy watching.”


Expo 2020 Dubai, which kicks off on October 1, contributes to strengthening international collective action to create a future in a sustainable environment.

The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi will participate in the exhibition in the Sustainability Pavilion, and will display four of its documentaries, which highlight its tireless efforts to protect the environment and preserve biodiversity, including the conservation of species (specifically the African Oryx - Spears - and sea turtles), and the fight against Climate change, team Zayed's trip to the North Pole, and protection of fish stocks in Abu Dhabi.

The audience of the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi will be able to delve into the sciences and wonders of the marine and terrestrial environment in Abu Dhabi, and watch wonderful clips and clips spoken by a group of experts and researchers working in the Authority, as part of the series of inspiring wildlife in Abu Dhabi, as well as watching fun and unique clips of nature and wildlife, presented Great documentary films.

In addition, the authority will participate during the “Expo” in a number of side events, with the partners during the exhibition, and through these partnerships, the challenges and environmental issues facing the world will be reviewed, and the projects implemented by the authority will be highlighted, and it aims to contribute to preserving diversity. Biology, air quality, groundwater, marine water and soil, in addition to the latest technologies used in many of its pioneering initiatives.

Through this participation in Expo 2020, the authority will also present its short, medium and long-term plans, especially its vision for the future, which is embodied in its strategic priorities. Looking to the future, the authority is keen to confront the effects of climate change, encourage optimal waste management and preserve the wild environment. And marine and air quality, biodiversity conservation, groundwater management, fisheries, promoting clean energy and reducing carbon footprint - which the Expo 2020 audience can learn about while participating in these side events.

ambitious vision

The exhibition, the first of its kind in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, and most importantly, provided a platform for 192 countries, in addition to a large number of organizations, to display their history and culture, and to promote their innovations that they have achieved. Each country will have a special pavilion displaying its beautiful architecture that represents its countries. Through it, it displays its culture, to familiarize the audience and participants with all the unique achievements of each country.

For more than 170 years, World Expos, which are organized every five years in one of the world's cities, have served as platforms for participating countries, bodies, organizations and institutions to showcase the most important innovations and introduce people to their cultures.

The Secretary-General of the authority, Dr. Sheikha Salem Al Dhaheri, told the Emirates News Agency (WAM), "The UAE has always been a country blessed with ambitious leadership and insightful vision, always striving to be the best, by preserving its cultural heritage that it inherited from its ancestors, and always looking away. For the future, to qualify future generations, and prepare them to take the initiative.”

Expo 2020 is an example of the ambitious vision of the United Arab Emirates, as it is an event like no other in the world, where more than 190 countries will display their latest innovations, initiatives and future concepts in one place within Dubai, and we at the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi, were keen to be Part of this event, because we are committed to our environmental leadership, and the ambitious vision of our wise leadership.”

She added, "Because we know that multimedia and visuals are the language of the times, we will participate in (Expo 2020) by showing our distinguished educational and documentaries, and I am very proud of our team that produced these documentaries, and I am confident that our audience will appreciate this wonderful effort, and enjoy watching."

"Expo 2020" .. a title for sustainability

The “Expo 2020 Global Best Practices” program seeks to promote projects that provide tangible solutions in line with the sustainable development goals, and the “Expo” seeks, through the program’s goals of cooperation, creativity and sustainable impact, and the transition to promote the highlighting of best practices for a better 2030.

Expo 2020, which will start on October 1 and run until March 31, 2022, is considered one of the most sustainable versions ever, as sustainable materials were used in the construction process. The wood that was used on the site bears a certificate stating that it is imported from forests grown In sustainable ways, which aims to protect the planet for future generations.

• "Abu Dhabi Environment" will present its future plans in the sustainability pavilion, including facing the effects of climate change, and encouraging optimal waste management.

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